Thugs Tried Sucker Punching A Retired Cop, They Didn’t Realize How Big A Mistake After…


We’re back to playing the “knockout game,” where punks, thugs, and other nogoodniks walk up and punch someone from behind like a sucker-punching little pu*sy for fun because crime is so out of control in New York City. There was a social media component too. Two losers tried to bring it back.

It turns out the person they were after is a former NYPD officer who can take a punch.

On Tuesday, a 66-year-old retired veteran of the New York Police Department was the target of a disgusting “knockout game” style assault.

According to WCBS-TV, Harvey Kraft was targeted by a group of numerous thugs while he was doing his grocery shopping in the Brighton Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn.

The assault was caught on surveillance camera footage, as the gang targeted Kraft in broad daylight.

Regarding the punch, Kraft said, “They hit me in the temple, but I could tell it was full-impact, roundhouse blow, because it felt like a brick,” However, it wasn’t enough to defeat him.

The senior citizen they chose as their victim had been around the block before, unfortunately for them, in a report, Kraft had 20 years of experience working for the New York Police Department, which would have given him the necessary training to be able to take a punch.

However, Kraft shrugged it off and wished to speak with the two thugs to find out what was going on at the moment.

“But as soon as I saw I wasn’t knocked out, and I pursued them, they are all running for their lives,” he said.

As their victim fled in pursuit of one of his attackers, the thugs fled like complete cowards.

The veteran cop claimed that the person he began pursuing after the assault ultimately escaped. Kraft claimed that this attack was a pitiful publicity stunt to gain attention online.

“I saw that they had their video cameras ready to record — they thought, I guess it would be a joking matter to put on YouTube or to get some media publicity,” he said.

One of them had their phone out and was prepared to record, Kraft noticed. He speculates that they may have uploaded the video to YouTube in an effort to gain media attention.

The two losers will receive a lot of media attention on social media. Not the kind they anticipated. though. They aren’t even given a catchy nickname like the Green Goblin Gang, Black Jesus, or the McDonald’s Axe Smasher.

They’ll just be two schmucks who are about to be arrested. Since this is New York City, they were swiftly released without posting bail.

Watch the video report below for more details:

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