Three Drunk Chicks Were Asked To Pay For Their Order, What They Did To The Restaurant Is Absolutely Hateful…


After being seen on camera trashing a restaurant called Bel Fries in New York City, three intoxicated ladies were arrested: Pearl Ozoria, 27, Chitara Plasencia, 25, and Tatiyanna Johnson, 23. The attack event in Bel Fries NYC video went viral.

The incident happened on July 4 at about four in the morning early in the day. When told that they would have to pay an additional $1.75 for more sauce, the inebriated women grew furious.

“They wanted extra sauce for the fries, and when we explained that it costs $1.75, they got upset. And that’s where it all started,” said the chef of the restaurant.

They rebuffed the employee’s offers to give them a refund and to leave. But they then began tossing objects around the eatery, tipping chairs and tables over, and breaking glasses. And before finally departing, they even ripped the cash register off the counter.

The restaurant owner estimates that the women caused $10,000 to $20,000 in damage. Police were called to the scene.

An employee pulled out a camera and started filming the women as they attacked the establishment. The clerk is seen telling the three aggressive ladies, “you’re going to jail,” in the video, but the threat does not stop the violence, as the women continue to rampage as they vent their rage about being forced to pay an extra $1.75 for more sauce.

The store has remained shuttered ever since the incident, which caused injuries. The attack left two restaurant workers in Manhattan with lacerations to their heads. The video captures the woman in the white top hurling something at the employee from underneath the plexiglass partition.

You can see another woman, the one in the blue minidress, ripping the credit card reader off the counter and attempting to unplug it from the wires attaching it to the device. One woman breaches the employee-only area as the fighting intensifies. The other two take hold of metal stools and ketchup bottles and hurl them in the direction of the waitstaff.

When police officers arrived on the scene, Ozoria is alleged to have hit one of them in the face. She was accused of kicking a police officer, avoiding arrest, impeding government operations, and acting rowdy. She was directed to the Rose M. Singer Center in East Elmhurst to calm down.

Johnson and Plasencia were both accused of unlawful possession of a firearm. Robbery and criminal mischief charges are also brought against each of the three ladies who participated in the assault on the restaurant, in addition.

This is just one more illustration of the increasingly common entitled behavior that we witness in individuals today. It is completely unacceptable to lose your cool and start destroying a location because you didn’t get your way or had to spend a little bit more to get what you wanted. Before it gets out of control, this kind of behavior needs to be stopped. And far too frequently these days, Americans act out like this.

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