Ted Cruz Just Stood Up And Punked Kamala Out!


On Tuesday, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were heavily criticized for not visiting the US-Mexico border by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Fox News.

During his appearance on Fox News, Cruz claims that they are refusing to visit the border because they want to cover up just how bad the crisis is down there.

Cruz added that going to the border will be disastrous for Biden and Harris because the media will follow them and they don’t have a solution to the immigration problem.

“Look, the message has gone out our southern border is open, and anyone who wants to do harm, that’s a natural path to come in,” Cruz stated. “And you know, I found it curious that Kamala in that press conference said we’re enforcing our laws when they’re not. They are letting people go. It’s a giant turnstile where they’re letting them go. You are just showing now footage of the wall. They halted construction of the wall, and they had these huge holes where they won’t put in the gates. They just leave it open.”

“And let me step back for a second,” “There is a reason Kamala Harris doesn’t want to go to the border. There’s a reason Joe Biden doesn’t want to go to the border. Because they know that if they go, the reporters will follow them, the TV cameras will follow them. Their strategy is simple: Try to cover this up,” he continued.

“You know, you are airing this on Fox, and I’m grateful that you are, but you know where they aren’t airing this?” he added. “On CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC. None of the corrupt corporate media is even acknowledging this exists. And that’s why Kamala and Joe are not going to the border, because they know if they go, it will drive the coverage, and they don’t have a solution to this crisis, so they are prepared for it to just get worse and worse and worse.”

Watch it here: Youtube/ Fox News

Sources: waynedupree.com, lifezette.com

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