This Welfare Queen Posted On Facebook And IMMEDIATELY Had Everything Taken Away!


A sophisticated woman was caught acting broke and in despair but ended up in bars.

Being a successful on-call model and having a beauty business called Enhance Medica, this woman still reported that she is not earning enough from her work and did receive tax benefits for her lavish lifestyle. Wow.

Carina Reid, a 32-year-old model has been receiving tax benefits for the last 5 years and posing next to luxury cars and at the openings of upscale boutiques.

Daily Mail has reported:

“Reid was arrested and sentenced to 3 years in prison after the Isleworth Crown Court determined that she laid claim to $232,564 in benefits, which she used to fund an extraordinarily lavish lifestyle. Reid was only caught after investigators discovered posts she had made of herself on vacation in numerous countries, taking helicopter rides, sipping champagne, and dining at the most expensive gourmet restaurants.”

Considering herself as a senior medical aesthetician who has worked with a wide range of clientele, from VIP film stars, TV and radio presenters as well as on magazine shoots and celebrity events, why the hell would she pretend to be broke and post expensive activities online?

Carina Reid

Daily Star has reported that Carina has visited Dubai and bought a luxury apartment with taxpayer benefits including luxury holidays in Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, France, and Hong Kong. Of course, upon returning home, Reid lamented that she had to accept food from her local mosque to stay afloat.

A report confirmed that In February 2014, she went skiing in Davos and posted: “It’s bloody hard. I’m aching but surviving. Might give snowboarding a whirl too.”

During a trip to Macau, Hong Kong, she wrote: “Getting over the pool party yesterday so relaxing and chilling with millionaires drinking champagne and Pimms!”

Carina Reid

And the crazy fact is that after all these lavish activities, Carina is managing to get her mortgages complete based on genuine tax returns, which showed that her beauty business was thriving.

But fortunately, the council’s anti-fraud squad was able to ding her scam after a long period, and still, some believe that her punishment is not enough as it was confirmed that the funds that were overpaid to her amounting $66,000 were still unpaid.

This is how our system works. Too bad.

Sources: Tap Haps, Daily Mail, Daily Star

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