Why Did Chinese Stealth Fighters Just Break Cover!


China has been giving the United States military a goosebump recently.

China continues its show-off of the so-call Chinese Military power, it’s to intimidate other nations and proves to the US that they are also a superpower.

Recently, China has revealed their latest varieties of stealth fighters to be spotted and obviously to make the U.S. Air Force and Navy nervous about the increasingly aggressive displays being put on by the Chinese in the Pacific.

China has revealed to the world their newest J-20 stealth fighters that have two seats that have created some speculation that the back seat is meant to operate drones that will operate in cooperation with the manned aircraft.

The United States on the other hand has also developed similar coordination between manned and unmanned aircraft.

After rapidly developing drones and artificial intelligence, it is intended that they will take full advantage of the progress that will make them scary in terms of aircraft mobilization.

China has two operational aircraft carriers currently. By the beginning of the next decade, they intend to have a fleet of five or six carriers completed.

After Beijing was reported to prepare for the conquest of Taiwan, their future fleet will still be outclassed by the combined navies of the United States, the United Kingdom, and their allies but this does not mean that China isn’t focusing on something.

It was confirmed that their Naval development is focused on a single purpose, to conquest and reintegration the island nation of Taiwan.

Speaking of Taiwan, this Island will become the center of the rivalry between the United States and China as it is clear that the aggression of the Chinese has been deeply concerned.

Without any consent from the military, Biden himself has vocally guaranteed that the United States will help Taiwan if China would launch an attack; however, the Chinese provocations around Taiwan indicate that Beijing isn’t buying these promises.

The Chinese seem to be increasingly confident that the United States will not risk full-scale war to defend a small island nation with a disputed international status which is practically correct.

What are your thoughts about this revelation?

Source: News Hour First

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