This VIDEO Of A Baby Getting EMOTIONAL Listening To Whitney Houston Will Get You Right In Your Feels!


In the interest of full disclosure, when it came to Whitney Houston I was more of a passive listener to her music. If it happened to be on in the car, or someone was playing it where I was I would of course listen.

I wasn’t exactly the type of person to go out and buy any of her albums, probably because I heard her music everywhere at one point or another. My wife is the person that would be buying the Whitney albums.

Even when that awful reality show came about, she would try and watch it in the hopes that some of what was being shown on that show was an act. Sad to say it wasn’t.

Now, I am not the type of person that goes to funerals. Just gives me the creeps. It’s why to this day when I see pictures of people outside funerals I kind of wonder what the deal is. With all that in mind, when they broadcasted Whitney Houston’s funeral on television a decade ago and my wife asked me to watch I knew how important it was to her so I watched.

The great thing about music is that the best musicians and singers can appeal to people generations after their popularity and long after they are gone.

Take for instance this baby you’re about to look at below.

This little one had someone put some Whitney Houston on for them to listen to, and just as so many Whitney fans got a little emotional listening to her sing at the height of her popularity, This little baby got hit right in the feels as well. Kind of gives you hope for the future doesn’t it?


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