This One Little Town Shows What Happens When Liberals Take Over!


Can you imagine a world without liberals? I mean, if liberals packed up and left the US, imagine how much better off we’d all be…

4th of July festivities were canceled in Evanston, Illinois BUT a major blow-up for allowing other events to go on.

Over the weekend, Evanston, a Chicago suburb, had a Juneteenth parade and other party events and is planning a Gay Pride parade this coming weekend.

Brace yourself up, your most awaited 4th of July celebration won’t be happening, I feel bad for this.

You know, because of Covid, their unending alibi.

Leftists are always using COVID-19 as an excuse for canceling our constitutional rights – and our celebrations. The leftists don’t want any pro-America stuff going on because that’s sure to bring out the Trump voters and lots of flags.

The city said about their Fourth of July celebrations, “Based on a concern for public health due to the unpredictability of the pandemic’s impact, vaccination rates, and in cooperation with our local authorities, the Trustees of the Evanston Fourth of July Association voted to cancel the Fun Run, Parade, Palatine Concert Band performance and Lakefront Fireworks show on July 4, 2021.”

I guess there is no COVID-19 around when you have Juneteenth and LGBT parades.

Kinda like how there were no COVID-19 around when Antifa and BLM were rioting and there were George Floyd protests going on. The leftists pick and choose what we can do and when and where COVID-19 affects people.

The statement about canceling the 4th of July events was made in March but the city hasn’t changed their decision even though they’ve allowed the other celebrations and even though the amount of cases has drastically fallen due to the Trump vaccines.

It’s clear to see that American celebrations are super spreader events and fascist rioting is not.

And, of course, we certainly don’t want to celebrate a bunch of slave-owning and Christian white guy racist Founders and Framers who came up with some crappy Constitution which doesn’t allow the government to rule over us like Democrats would like to.

Sources: WayneDupree, DailyWire

2 thoughts on “This One Little Town Shows What Happens When Liberals Take Over!

  1. Lived in IL all my life (military service excepted) and I worked down town in the loop for nine years at one of the biggest banks in the city, and I will never understand why or how the democrats keep getting elected. You would think after a while the people would get tired of being screwed over, but no, it just goes on and on, I guess that after a while they just get so used to being used for the pleasure of the crooks in city hall and Springfield that they are just numb from the neck up.

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