This New Way To Keep Veggies Fresh Is Dividing People Right Down The….


A new life hack for how to keep cucumbers fresh has TikTok users deeply divided.

Over the past several months, users have shared countless kitchen hacks — including how to use your sink to keep bread fresh, how to make a homemade spice rack, and how to cut herbs with a cheese grater.

But some of those hacks didn’t go over so well, while others were a huge hit. However, this kitchen tip from user @mamaiamhungry1 falls somewhere in between.

In her clip, the home chef shows off her method for how to keep cucumbers fresh after you’ve used part of one but still want to save the rest.

“Another kitchen hack I bet you didn’t know,”the TikToker captioned her video.

The video begins with @mamaiamhungry1 chopping part of a cucumber. As she chops, the TikToker is sure to save the top piece of the veggie.

Then, when she’s chopped as much as she needs, she reattaches the top slice with a toothpick.

“Did you know this kitchen hack btw?” she wrote in her post.

The clip seemed to baffle some TikTok users, who questioned why the hack was even necessary. Dozens of people also shared comments about the video:

One person asked, “Why would I need this?” to which the original video creator posted, “To keep it fresh.”

Another person suggested, “Try standing up on a plate and refrigerating it.” The original poster added, “Oh great,” indicating that this suggestion might also be useful to keep cucumbers fresh.

“You still have to cut the end off,” one person wrote. “Plastic wrap and a rubber band. Or just eat the whole thing.”

“There is literally no need for this,” one person complained.

“Love this! I put cucumber in my water!” the person wrote, indicating that they would be jumping on this TikTok trend.

Check the video below:


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