This Model’s Last Post Online Before She Was Found Dead Will Send…


In a chilling twist of fate, a captivating social media star’s final Instagram post foreshadowed her tragic demise during a cosmetic procedure gone terribly wrong.

In the early hours of April 20, 2023, 34-year-old model Christina Ashten Gourkani, who bore a striking resemblance to Kim Kardashian, entered a California hospital for yet another plastic surgery procedure.

Tragically, while under anesthesia, she suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away. Ashten G, as she was known online, had shared a haunting message on Instagram just days before her untimely death during the botched surgery.

The social media influencer’s final post to her thousands of followers was a simple, eerie message: “Happy Tuesday. 1,2,3.” Since her death, the post has become a memorial for Gourkani, who lost her life while undergoing a cosmetic procedure.

The devastating news was shared on a GoFundMe page created by Gourkani’s family to help cover her funeral costs. The page detailed the heart-wrenching phone call they received at 4:31 am, during which a distraught family member announced Ashten’s impending demise.

The nightmare only continued upon their arrival at the hospital, where they learned that her condition had taken a turn for the worse following cardiac arrest.

As the family mourns the loss of the young model, they have launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death at the hands of the plastic surgery clinic. They have even suggested that Gourkani’s untimely passing could be considered a homicide related to the medical procedure gone awry, though no further details have been provided for the sake of privacy and the ongoing investigation.

In a heartfelt tribute on the GoFundMe page, the family expressed their immense grief and the void left in their lives by Gourkani’s passing.

They wrote, “Christina Ashten Gourkani, I hope there is a place in heaven where you can feel the amount of our grief and the emptiness of our broken hearts that we feel without you in our lives. We love you so much. Chrissy.”

Grateful for the support they have received, the family asked for continued kindness and assistance during this challenging time.

They concluded by stating, “We are grateful for the support that you are able to provide to our family as we lay Christina Ashten Gourkani to eternal peace. Again, we want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for the continued support and generous words… your loving kindness is our guiding light through the most difficult time of our lives.”

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