This Maniac Dressed As An Old Lady Went Up To The Mona Lisa, What They Pulled Out Next…


On Sunday, a climate activist, wearing a wig and using a wheelchair, threw a piece of cake at the Mona Lisa in the Louvre Museum on Sunday.

According to witnesses on social media, the man threw off his wig and marched straight towards the artwork with some sort of cream cake.

As the Paris prosecutor announced, the 36-year-old protester was arrested after the incident on Sunday (local time) and taken to a police psychiatric ward. An investigation was initiated into the damage to cultural assets.

Fortunately enough, the cake didn’t touch the real artwork and only crashed over the glass that protects the Leonardo da Vinci piece. The famous painting was unharmed thanks to its bulletproof glass case.

His actions were immediately followed by the security workers rushing to the site and marching him out of the room. Onlookers also mentioned he sprinkled roses before being knocked down by the security personnel.

One Twitter user was able to capture the said incident that took place early afternoon on Sunday.

The same user posted another video showing the suspect standing next to his wheelchair and escorted by security.

“There are people who are destroying the Earth (…) All artists, think of the Earth. That’s why I did this. Think about the planet,” said the man in French.

The museum guards were cheered as they cleaned the white film left by the cake off the Mona Lisa’s protective glass.

This isn’t the first time someone has tried to attack the Mona Lisa portrait. According to reportsthe lower part of the masterpiece got ruined in 1956 when a vandal threw acid at it.

Source: Thegatewaypundit

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