They Suspended A 12yr Old For Selling Sex Toys On Campus, But There’s One Thing They Never….


A 12-year-old girl called Frances was suspended from Trinity Lutheran School in Wisconsin for peddling a sneaky selection of sex toys.

The principal of the school drew her aside during a basketball game and reprimanded her in front of her classmates. Everyone was very perplexed by this episode, especially Frances, who received permission from her homeroom teacher to sell “Water Snake Wigglies” to her schoolmates in order to generate money.

The Water Snake Wigglies is beneficial for children with autism, Frances had learned. The incident had left Frances in tears telling TMJ4, “It just calms you when you touch it. You squeeze it, it’s cold, and it’s hard to hold sometimes.”

But whatever the reason behind the suspension is absurd. The principal had suspended Frances for three days. Even though the principal was told that they were Water Snake Wigglies that are played with to relieve stress, it did not change the decision to suspend Frances.

And when the Wisconsin teenager was later suspended for three days for selling the innocent objects, she quickly realized the proverbial lesson that no good act goes unpunished.

Milt Halbeck, her father, was naturally furious when she informed him what had transpired, and he declared that he was now working nonstop to clear his daughter’s name.

“In your wildest imaginations, no adult could possibly view this as a sex toy. This is a water-filled bag,” Milt Halbeck said.

However, the school board sided with the principal and refused to comment on the matter. It’s really hard to comprehend how any grown adult could believe the “Water Snake Wigglies” was anything other than a ridiculous kid’s toy.

We wouldn’t discuss the details of any situation regarding one of our children, they’re all minors,” pastor at Trinity Lutheran, David Gehne said.

Additionally, there is an age restriction when purchasing a sex toy, making it exceedingly unlikely that a 12-year-old would have access to such a huge selection of sex toys. The legal age to purchase sex toys from a store is 18 years old or older.

There are notices posted at the entranceways of retail sex toy stores like “WARNING – Adults Only!”. They are there to let younger people know that they are not permitted admission to see what is inside. A retail sex toy store can be fined up to $20,000 in damages for letting a minor inside.

 “I just learned something that I shouldn’t have,Frances Halbeck said.

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