They Just Admitted Where All Our Secret Biolabs Are…


It was Russia who first disclosed the U.S.-funded Biolabs in Ukraine that sent jitters around the globe.

But what’s even shocking is that besides Ukraine, the United States has been funding secret Biolabs in many countries around the world. The truth behind these Biolabs and the risks of leakage of some dangerous pathogens have sparked serious concern in the international community.

You are not alone if you thought the bombings of strategic sites in Ukraine seemed suspicious.

In fact, a well-known conservative investigative researcher Jacob Creech (BioClandestine) had come to the same conclusion when Russia started making moves on Ukraine. Upon further digging, the evidence led him to believe that this was the destruction of American bio labs sites; the very ones that are not allowed to be on American soil and are rumored to be all over the world.

Back on March 11, a fact sheet of the defense ministry published that the Biological Threat Reduction Program (BTRP) is part of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) Program.

Since 2005, when the BTRP has partnered with the government of Ukraine, the United States has invested approximately 200 million U.S. dollars in Ukraine, supporting 46 Ukrainian laboratories, health facilities, and diagnostic sites.

In addition to over 30 Biolabs in Ukraine, the United States has created “hundreds of such laboratories” in other countries, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

According to publicly available data, 336 laboratories in about 30 countries receive funding from the BTRP. The research work conducted by this defense ministry-funded Biolabs is highly classified.

Going back to the investigative researcher Jacob Creech, we managed to snag a copy here before it was banned and stripped off of Twitter:

From WLT:

Creech followed up his initial findings with even more data and research which he openly shared with the conservative community. As steam picked up on it and more investigators uncovered corroborating evidence, the Left started an all-out disinformation campaign attempting to discredit them.

Progressive “experts” and “real journalists” began painting the entire idea as a false narrative. Worse, they tried to discredit Creech as a conspiracy theory crackpot. An editor for MMFA decided to stereotype Jacob Creech as a white pothead that plays too many video games.

Excuse me, this man has a track record a mile long of solid investigative journalism and research. And yet that doesn’t matter.

Pretty soon, even Washington was on damage control to suppress the idea that there were any US biolabs in existence.

Look at this official get extremely upset and frustrated when asked about these biolab sites.

That’s a lot of emotion for something you claim is not true. Come on man.

Here is the unfairness of it all. Patriots like Jacob Creech and others had to pay the price of putting the truth out there. Careers were destroyed, they were unable to make a livelihood, and Creech was essentially canceled. All while the left who smeared and defamed them went about their lives, unbothered.

That is until now! It seems that after weeks of denying it, 4 high-ranking government officials admitted in congressional testimony the existence of the bio labs and news outlets are beginning to pick it up.

Here is a snippet of Marco Rubio confirming on camera during testimony hearings of the existence of bio lab sites and how fact-checkers in Washington and on social platforms were wong to have blacklisted even the notion that they existed in some form or capacity.

Watch it here: SenatorMarcoRubio/Youtube

You may continue reading the original piece here: WLT

Source: WLT

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