They Filmed A Housekeeper Cleaning Their Room, What They Caught Her Doing On Camera Will…


Even though cleaning up after others may not be the most glamorous job in the world, it’s certainly an important one.

This is perhaps nowhere more true than in settings like hotels, where housekeepers very literally remodel rooms on a regular basis so that the following guest can have the enjoyable stay they deserve.

And one Utah hotel employee has seen it all when it comes to cleanliness. When she enters the accommodations she has been given, nothing truly bothers her anymore. But this staff member started crying when two visitors left something unexpected beneath the bed sheets.

As the crumpled bed sheets slipped from her hand, the sight that lies before her was so startling that words escaped her entirely — all she could do was cry.

No matter the sort of job, most people in the workforce concur that life isn’t “simple,” and those working in the housekeeping business definitely don’t have it easy.

Now, meet Josh Gibson and Kyle Oreffice, some of the people who recognize that someone has gone above and beyond to keep their place organized and clean.

The two men enjoy producing videos for the internet’s “prank” section. You’ve seen the sort, right? Someone sets up a hidden camera and catches unsuspecting people doing something that usually renders a hilarious reaction.

However, Kyle and Josh don’t primarily aim to humiliate individuals or capture them doing things they wouldn’t want others to see in their videos. Instead, the duo embraces the element of surprise in their videos, but in a way that is more likely to make you cry with happiness.

These two filmmakers put themselves on the map with their random acts of kindness. Their heart-warming clips of them giving homeless people large sums of money were hard to scroll past.

Kyle Oreffice and Josh Gibson

Josh and Kyle found out about the Park City, Utah, maid who was going above and beyond for the hotel where she worked. They decided she was the perfect person to surprise with a random act of kindness. The two men installed covert cameras in one of the rooms the housekeeper attended to with assistance from the hotel owner. They only had to “plant the kindness” at this point and wait.

Kyle and Josh had to set up their equipment once they were in the designated room. But they had to make the area feel slightly inhabited after their extremely sophisticated setup. After all, they didn’t want the housekeeper to have any suspicions.

Kyle Oreffice and Josh Gibson decide to leave a surprise for an unsuspecting motel housekeeper.

So they rearranged some of the furniture in the room and slightly jumbled the pillows. Just enough to give the impression that two messy persons had spent at least one night in the room.

Once they made the room look as though a rockstar stayed the evening, Josh and Kyle planted the last two pieces of their kindness puzzle. While Josh wrote down a quick note for the housekeeper to find, Kyle went ahead and hid a large envelope under the sheets of one of the beds.

Kyle Oreffice and Josh Gibson left this tip for an unsuspecting maid.

The men pretended to leave the room and then sat waiting, monitoring the young woman’s every move, for her to realize what they had done. The anonymous housekeeper entered the room and started working right away without realizing what was in store for her. Soon after, the deserving maid received her award. And her response speaks for itself.

They don’t mention the woman by name, but they do share her incredible story. The owner of the motel tells how the maid got hired after staying there as a guest, proving she’s an extraordinarily hard worker.

Her reaction to the tip Kyle Oreffice and Josh Gibson left for her says it all.

A “Now Hiring” sign caught the attention of the young woman, who had arrived at the motel looking for a place to stay. As they entered the busiest time of the year, the motel had lost their maid. So, when the woman enquired about the sign, largely out of desperation, the owner consented to engage her. The owner had no idea that it would be a blessing for both of them.

The new maid did an excellent job cleaning the rooms as directed, but when the owner asked her to wash some laundry, she astounded him. She did more than just do the wash; she also organized the room where the laundry supplies were kept, improving efficiency and demonstrating her willingness to go above and beyond her call of duty.

Well, it’s little things like this that allow me to maintain my faith in humanity.

Watch the video below for more details:

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