They Caught Her Pooping On Wigs At A Beauty Supply Store, What Happened Next Was…


The following outrageous story may make you a little queasy: A woman just faces criminal charges for doing the unthinkable, defecating inside a beauty store!

On May 10, in Wichita, Kansas, an unidentified woman entered a beauty supply business only to defecate in the aisle. Wichita police have launched a search for the woman, who was branded “poopetrator” for her undeniably disgusting actions.

While they haven’t revealed the woman’s identity, they have branded her “public enemy number 2.”

Even the Wichita police seem to have been astonished by how horrible the woman’s acts were. She defecated on at least 8 wigs inside the beauty shop.

Police said that although the incident was recorded on the store’s video surveillance system, “but for the good of all of you we are not posting the footage of the offending fecal assault.”

“Wichita, we need your help with a… unique case. We’re trying to identify the pictured female, who, on May 10, entered a Beauty Supply store in the 2200 block of E. 21st Street and defecated in the middle of the aisle. Yes, you read that right,” police wrote in social media posts published on Facebook and Twitter with photos of a woman they said was caught on camera defecating in a store.

The alleged woman responsible was shown, fully clothed and standing, in two still images pulled from the footage–presumably taken before or after the offending incident.

“The defecation was significant enough that eight wigs were destroyed as a result, and the business would like to know who the poopetrator is so they can pursue criminal charges. The incident was captured on video surveillance, but for the good of all of you we are not posting the footage of the offending fecal assault,” the police added.

In separate updates, the Wichita Police Department said the woman had since been identified–but did not release her name.

“UPDATE: The person has been identified. Thanks for your help! ”

The posts on social media about the “unique case” quickly went viral, with other’s joking that it was Amber Heard, after it was revealed in her trial with Johnny Depp that she pooped in his bed, a lot of calls were made to the police stating that the defecator was Amber Heard.

The Police used scatological humor, “We’ve already confirmed that this is NOT Amber Heard, so please stop calling and emailing that info! Thanks!”

Social media commentary on the posts, particularly the Facebook post, was rife, with one Facebook user commenting, “Let’s hope you can wipe this case clean and flush away the memories,” with the Police responded with the hype,This might be one of those cases that stick with us.”

I believe the surveillance footage, and the evidence left behind helped discover what had occurred,” WPD Officer Trevor Macy said, “At this time, it is believed to have been intentional.” the woman is believed to have caused $200 worth of damage.

The Wichita Eagle reports that the woman is thought to be a serial offender. Later that day, the woman allegedly committed the same genital act at yet another Mid-K Beauty Supply, according to the WPD, who quoted the manager of the first store as saying she had “done this at another store” nearby.

The officer continued to alleviate fears that she merely required some last-minute toilet paper. He claimed that since the wigs were on display behind a wall, she chose to use them as her toilet instead.

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