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They Brutally Started Attacking A Cop, Then The Officer Opened A Door And His Partner Took A Bite Out Of Them…

Hancock County Sheriff’s Deputy Todd Frazier was on patrol in Pearlington on Monday when he noticed a car sitting at a rest stop with its lights off.

That’s when two other men emerged from the “shadows” and ambushed Frazier.

“Two individuals surprised Deputy Frazier from the shadows and an altercation ensued,” Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam told ABC News. “One cut him across the forehead with a razor, one choked him, and one grabbed his legs to carry him to the edge of the woods.”

According to reports, Frazier became the victim of a trap set by gang members while he was out on a patrol. He found a man looking unconscious at the wheel of his car in a layby.

The three men then began to drag the officer toward the woods. Frazier later stated that he even heard one of them say that he was going to ‘slit his throat.’

In the face of mortal danger, the Deputy managed to reach for his keychain and unlock the canine compartment of his car. As soon as he did this, out came the police dog, Lucas, who immediately ‘sprang into action’ to save his master’s life, the online source suggested.

“He knew. I could hear him coming. I couldn’t see anything because the blood was all in my eyes, but I could hear him coming, growling and making these sounds… he sounded like a wolf,” the source quoted Frazier explaining.

Lucas then bravely attacked the three gang members, who were on the verge of taking the life of his deputy.

He described the attack as a “very near miss” on Frazier’s life.

The suspects then fled in their car, and have not yet been caught. They said they think at least one of the men suffered serious dog bites.

Deputy Frazier later expressed his gratitude for having his loyal dog with him and for a ‘button’ on the belt that he wears, which releases Lucas’ compartment when he presses it.

Both Frazier and Lucas were injured in the attack, but it was confirmed that both of them have been well-treated and have recovered.

Watch the video below:

Sources: AWM, ABC News

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