They ARRESTED Him For Exercising Free Speech, He’s Suing Them BIG!


Law enforcement just became wild after this bizarre arresting incident in Florida.

Dillon Shane Webb was pulled over and arrested by a Columbia County Sheriff’s deputy after the officer finds his truck decals offensive and obscene.

The officer claims that the 23-year-old Lake City man was violating the obscene law in Florida.

You can see in the picture of his truck says, “I EAT ASS” in bold white font.

The officer asked Webb to remove some parts of the sticker so that it will not be directly blatantly derogatory but Webb refused which only caused Webb to get arrested and handcuffed.

He was taken away and charged with ‘obscene writing on vehicles’ which is a violation in Florida.

The Blaze reported that Webb’s truck was towed but later on got released after a $2,500 bond after he got arrested.

First Coast News reported that during the hearing process, Sgt Murray Smith defended that the deputy officer was simply following the state’s law prohibiting obscene depictions on vehicles which Webb has violated but then, Dillion claims that it has a completely harmless meaning.

Confirmed statements read:

“It was the obscene phrase depicting what the deputy thought was a sexual act, which is obscene by definition,” Smith said. “And if the state attorney is not going to file on something, we aren’t going to go re-arrest somebody.”

“They’re just words,” Webb said, “If that’s how they feel if they have a perverted mind, that’s on them.”

“What would a reasonable citizen think? Is the guy eating a donkey or is he doing a sexual act?” Smith said.

But at the end of the day, Webb won the case as the prosecution was too desperate to build a solid case as the statement was found subjective but then, the case will permanently reflect Webb’s records.

“How that speaks to how we’ve evolved or changed as a society when we look at it that way and are tasked with proving something beyond a reasonable doubt, we can’t do that here, but certainly I hope it doesn’t serve as an invitation for the furthering of sexual deviancy, hopefully, it doesn’t go that way,” Durrett said. “We all need to be mindful of the things we say and do and how they impact those around us.”

Later on, Webb promised that he will file a lawsuit for a wrongful arrest for violating his rights.

“Like, the whole time, he was just really rude,” Webb said of the deputy. “It just felt to me like his goal was to get me in jail,” Webb said.

What can you say about this incident?

Sources: TapHaps, First Coast News, The Blaze

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