They Are Gonna FORCE You To Have A Digital ID!


During public consultation on the use of digital identity, half of the responses are opposing the idea citing that the said technology may lead to more abuse of personal data online.

Despite the majority of the public opposing the idea, the UK government is still pushing forward with its digital ID agenda. In fact, more than 50% of the responses were “against digital identity in principle.”

However, the government ignored the responses in the statistical analysis because they “did not engage with the questions.”

The government admitted some respondents feared that “digital identities are going to be made mandatory for all people.” But the government labeled these responses as “false” and will attempt to “encourage more inclusive digital identities.”

According to the Daily Expose reports on April 6, 2022, new digital identity document verification technology (IDVT) that enables data sharing between public bodies and businesses for the purpose of identity verification will be introduced.

It will be made available to UK employers, landlords, and letting agents who can use it to digitally carry out pre-employment criminal record checks, right to work checks, and right to rent checks.

WLT reported:

The introduction of this digital IDVT is part of the government’s far-reaching digital ID plans which were announced in March. The government has framed these digital ID plans as a way for UK citizens to “easily and quickly prove their identity using digital methods instead of having to rely on traditional physical documents.”

Under these digital ID plans, UK citizens will be able to “create a digital identity with a trusted organization” which can be used “in-person or online” and “via a phone app or website.” These trusted organizations will then be given a “legal gateway” to “carry out verification checks against official data held by public bodies to help validate a person’s identity.” The government will also allow the “trust” generated by a single successful digital identity check to be passed to other organizations “where appropriate.”

The trusted organizations that provide these digital identity solutions will need to get accredited and certified under legislation that the government plans to introduce. Once accredited and certified, they’ll be “given a trust mark to demonstrate their compliance and will be defined as being a trust-marked organization.”

More details of the story from the Daily Expose report:

The government added that it’s “committed to ensuring” that “people will still be able to use available paper documentation.”

The government’s digital ID framework has completed alpha testing. The next steps are a beta publication followed by beta testing before the framework is formalized in legislation.

The government cited “positive feedback received about the ability to conduct right to work and right to rent checks remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic” as one of its reasons for initiating its review of digital ID technology.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK government embraced vaccine passports – a technology that shares many similarities with digital ID by requiring citizens to use a digital pass.

These vaccine passports were used to scoop up large amounts of data from UK citizens, some of which was shared with private companies.

Sources: WLT, Daily Expose


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  1. Remember England is a socialist country. All of Europe is socialist, which is one step below Communism. In Europe the word Democracy is used to freely, it’s also used to freely in the U.S. by the liberal commie Democrats. The Democracy, the liberties and freedoms of the individual in these socialist countries is what the government wants it to be. This issue of a digital ID one would expect out of Communist China. Next they will want to microchip everyone with a GPS Tracker, to keep track of the masses, you know those supposedly Domestic terrorists the parents that are against CRT. If it’s good enough for the UK, lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe, probably figures it’s good enough for America. Don’t get no ideas Corrupt Quid Pro, unless Corrupt Quid pro is willing to bet his life on it. It’s not going to happen here in the U.S.

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