Greta Van Susteren Just Dropped A Bomb On Sleepy Joe!


It’s been quite pretty obvious the Biden is just a mere puppet of his own government. Then who’s his master? That’s a Million Dollar Question though…

Biden took more than he can take, and that may end his presidency. Only eight months have passed since he took office, and he managed to create a catastrophe from everything he should handle.

Every time he is near reporters, he shares one phrase, ‘’I’m not supposed to take questions,’’ or he’s with the list of already chosen reporters to whom he could answer.

It’s terrible what happened when he was at FEMA headquarters. Biden stated he couldn’t take questions and won’t be addressing Afghanistan.

Who is the one who forbids Biden to take and answer questions, and why?

Greta Van Susteren didn’t only wander but asked why it is concealed from the Americans?

“And why is he “not supposed to take questions?” Isn’t he the President? Who is telling him not to take questions?”

He is supposed to be the President. Flunkies can’t determine which members of the press he can respond to and why?

And Greta isn’t the only one putting Joe on the blast; as Laura Ingraham is also wondering who’s pulling Biden’s strings.

Laura Ingraham also asked this question:

“Who’s running the White House and making the big decisions? Is it Ron Klain, his Chief of Staff?  Is it the First Lady? America deserves to know.”

Do Biden and his administration not realize they work for the American people, not the other way around?

If we or the press ask a question, there’s virtually no reason why it should go unanswered.

Especially when you’ve plunged this country into absolute chaos as Joe has.

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3 thoughts on “Greta Van Susteren Just Dropped A Bomb On Sleepy Joe!

  1. we need a leaker in the WH to find out who it is that is running our government. Chances are its Susan Rice and Barack Obama for his 3rd term–after all it was him who said he would love to sit in his pjs and be able to run the country from behind the screen……………..and old joe will do whatever he is told to do……so theres your answer.

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