The Waitress Grabbed Him By The Shirt Without Warning, What Happened Next Was….


A small act of kindness makes one customer very happy…this is an inspiring story of an IHOP waitress in Texas, worth your time.

Regina Thomason enters an International House Of Pancakes (IHOP) with her brother Dwayne Roach who has Downs Syndrome for a meal.

Dwayne has a love for name tags which makes him a special person that all of us like. Millie Young who was a waitress who attended both Dwayne and Regina was impressed when Dwayne saw her name tag that had the word “Millie” on it, and that’s when things started to get out of hand.

Dwayne is a huge fan of Marvel Comics superhero Captain America since he told Millie that was  Captain America.

Millie could have insulted him for making such a weird comment that he was a real-life version of the American patriot in the comic books during the World War II era.

“He told the waitress that he liked her name tag and then told her that his name is ‘Captain America,’” Thomason wrote on Facebook.

After ensuring Captain America’s beverage was complete and he was pleased with his meal, it was time for Regina and Dwayne to pay their expense and be on their merry method. However, Millie did not desire Captain America to leave without a little something unique. And prior to they might run out the door, Millie hurried over to Dwayne, clutching something unique in her hands.

Before they left the restaurant, Millie returned with a special gift for Roach — a personalized nametag that read “Captain America.” Thomason says her brother was thrilled.

Their mother, Regina Thomason, was also present that day, and later spoke to a local news outlet about it.

“That really made his day,” she told the Fox affiliate. “She was very kind to do that.” She’s not sure why her son refers to himself as Captain America but says he used to introduce himself as John Wayne. As for Millie, she’s just happy she made her customer smile.

She wrote more about this positive encounter with the IHOP waitress on Facebook.

“Thank you to Millie at IHOP. U made his day!”

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