The New Fox News Hire Proves They Are Almost Dead!


Well, we are all aware that Fox News has never been the same since we lost Roger Ailes to Haemophilia in 2017.

Their connection to its viewers/customers has always been the greatest issue since Trump was installed in the White House.

The broadcasting was on a mission to destroy President Trump and that really damned their ratings and more and more customers are ridiculed.

Well, the situation got suddenly got even worse after Fox News have hired the “Mr. Trump-Hater” and “Mr. Gun-Hater” and had been given his own show and also been given authority to write for the New York Post.

They just really proved that their mission is still to aim at Trump. Simply because this “Mr. Trump-Hater” and “Mr. Gun-Hater” Piers Morgan is a full-blown TDS after the sham 2020 election.

Hiring him was the biggest load of water on their sinking ship.

It also proves that this has been a Biden establishment.

Recently, Piers Morgan is detailing the numerous long-haul COVID-19 effects he is still experiencing, even weeks after his full recovery.

He posted a tweet about how’s his health has been after suffering from COVID symptoms long after recovering.

“Has anyone had long covid symptoms of fatigue & loss of taste/smell for 10 weeks or more and then fully recovered – if so, what did you do that helped get over it? It’s getting very irritating..”

This has been a very bad move by Fox news. Long after trying to cope up with their loss in Rogers, they just made a big mistake hiring this TDS patient.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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