Liberal Texas Teacher Caught Openly Insulting Trump To Kids!


I may have said this before, but it wasn’t all that long ago where a kid could go to school and not know what a teacher’s political beliefs were.

I had the same teacher in some capacity in at least one class every year from 7th grade until high school graduation. Not once did I ever find out who he voted for or what his political beliefs are. This was including a government class where we had a mock election.

Now, it seems that a kid can’t get from one room to the other without hearing a teacher get up on their soapbox.

A public school in San Antonio, Texas, gave a homework assignment December 1 to second graders that appeared to ask children to write the name of the current U.S. president, but only offered the name of Joe Biden as a choice and not that of Donald Trump.

KPRC AM 950 Radio’s Walton and Johnson reported the issue caused a controversy at the Pearce Elementary School in Southside Independent School District (ISD).

The parent of a second-grade student in the district apparently contacted Republican Texas State Rep. Briscoe Cain after noting the information presented in the homework assignment, which was said to be part of a civics lesson.

The homework assignment apparently also asked the young children to name the vice president, again offering only the name of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as an option, but not that of current Vice President Mike Pence.

“This kind of assignment has no place in the classroom,” said Cain, KPRC reported. “There’s no way this was an accident or some oversight. It’s an overt act of brainwashing children.”

Walton and Johnson article about the issue stated:

Obviously this is a false statement that appears to have an underlying political agenda. President Trump’s legal team is still challenging the election results in court and the incumbent candidate hasn’t yet conceded. The electoral college has yet to officially count their votes and, even if the votes are cast for Joe Biden, the political candidate won’t be inaugurated until late January 2021.

“Regardless of who won the 2020 election (which, again, is yet to be determined) Donald Trump is still the President of the United States,” the article noted. “This is an indisputable fact.”

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