The Feds Have ARRESTED A Hunter Biden Associate That…..


An executive from an Israeli think tank, Gal Luft, who worked with Hunter Biden as an adviser to CEFC China Energy, a conglomerate that many believe is a front for the Chinese Communist Party, claims to have given the FBI valuable information about Biden family’s foreign business activities. Luft’s assertions were made after his arrest in Cyprus on Feb. 16 for allegedly illegally selling weapons to Libya and China. Luft asserts that he is being sought for extradition to the United States because of his exposure to the Bidens. According to Luft, he believes the charges against him are “politically motivated.”

Luft’s arrest coincides with the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into the foreign business dealings of the Biden family, particularly Hunter Biden’s work with CEFC China Energy. Luft’s recent claims about the Biden family’s foreign business dealings, and his threat to “name names,” have come to light as a former Hunter Biden business partner, Eric Schwerin, is cooperating with the investigation.

CEFC China Energy is a conglomerate suspected of having close ties to the Chinese government. It paid Hunter Biden at least $6 million in 2017 to secure energy investment deals in the United States, and the group donated over $350,000 to Luft’s think tank. According to CNN, the Chinese government and CEFC China Energy were so closely aligned that it was often challenging to differentiate between the two.

Luft acted as a liaison between CEFC and the Washington-based think tank called the Analysis of Global Security, formed by former CIA director James Woolsey. It is worth noting that Ye Jianming, the former chairman of CEFC, served as the chairman of the board of trustees of the Institute.

According to a business prospectus created by one of Hunter Biden’s business associates, CEFC donated at least $350,000 to the think tank. The think tank has been promoting China’s controversial Belt and Road infrastructure program.

Court documents reveal that Luft also developed a close relationship with Patrick Ho, a CEFC China Energy executive who was convicted in 2019 for attempting to bribe African officials in exchange for oil rights on behalf of the company. In a letter of support for Ho, Luft referred to him as a “close friend and colleague.”

Hunter Biden had a close relationship with Ye and represented Ho in his legal battle. Ye, who has ties to Chinese military intelligence, gave Hunter a diamond worth $80,000 during one of their meetings. Starting in 2017, CEFC began paying Hunter and his uncle Jim Biden to find energy investments for CEFC globally. Emails found on Biden’s laptop reveal that he and Ye discussed plans for CEFC to purchase a liquefied natural gas field in Louisiana.

Luft’s connection to CEFC China Energy, which many believe is a front for the Chinese Communist Party, adds weight to his claims. Although Luft’s lawyer has stated that he will offer information about Luft’s situation to Congress, it is still unclear what specific information Luft has provided to the Justice Department or what potential implications it may have for the Biden family. The Free Beacon report notes that prosecutors decided against pursuing Luft’s information and are instead targeting him with false charges.

Luft’s recent claims come amidst a climate of growing concern over the ties between Hunter Biden and Chinese businesses with close links to the Chinese Communist Party. Republicans have accused the Biden family of enriching themselves through foreign business dealings and have called for an independent investigation into their business activities. The outcome of these investigations could have significant implications for the Biden administration, particularly regarding its foreign policy towards China.

Sources: ConservativeBrief, YnetNews, CNN


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