The Father Of A 10yr Old Trans Model Has Broken His Silence And It Is….


10-year-old Noella McMaher is the youngest transgender model to ever walk the runway at New York Fashion Week and has two transgender parents, has grown into an exploited, awakened fashion phenomenon.

The former boy from Chicago has become a model for the Trans Clothing Company. Her parents are both women who have undergone gender transformation. She has ambitions to model in Paris the following year and will walk the runway at New York Fashion Week in September.

Noella and her younger brother Levi were born to Dee McMaher and Dee’s then-husband, Timothy McCord, a scientist in the Chicago region. The family refers to the infant sibling as a “theybie.”

This February, the youngster made her runway debut at New York Fashion Week as one of several transgender and non-binary models. Reduxx claims that when she is 16, she will undergo “gender surgeries.”

On social media, Noella presents as an outgoing person. Dee McMaher, 35, and Ray McMaher, 32, are the girl’s parents, and they both approve of her exploitative career choice.

However, according to the New York Post, Noella’s real father, Timothy McCord, a scientist who lives in Chicago, said in an interview that He has no objections about Noella going out as trans but He worries about her being in the public eye as a model, though. Hormones and puberty blockers are equally confusing to him.

“I have no say in it,” he asserted. “She’s not my kid anymore.”

In 2019, Noella’s parents got divorced. Initially, he was granted frequent access to the kids. That changed in 2016, allegedly after he took hold of the child’s arm after a tantrum. He hasn’t seen his kids since the family feud that followed tore them apart.

McCord ultimately lost custody of Noella and his other son, after he pleaded down to misdemeanor child endangerment.

“I tried to get back in their lives but it ended up too contentious and stressful for everyone,” McCord claimed.

McCord gave up his parental control and permitted McMaher and her transsexual partner to adopt his children.

“I was given the opportunity to step back and let Dee’s partner adopt the kids and I did that in the hopes they would not have all the stress this was causing in their lives,” the father contended.

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