He Installed A Camera After She Kept Complaining, Then They Found Something Absolutely Revolting…


Some males are egotistical wimps. They struggle greatly with rejection. The simple idea that “no means no”, especially at work, is understood by the majority of males. If you ask a coworker out and she declines, that should be the end of the matter. But if Stevens Millancastro of Hawthorne, California had given up after having one of his advances turned down by a coworker, this story would be very dull.

Simply put, Millancastro was unable to accept his colleague’s lack of enthusiasm. She said he was looking at her all the time. Not the best method for getting a date.

The employee went to her employer when the gazing persisted. Millancastro was “obsessed” with his coworker despite the fact that there was still time for him to save his career and avoid going to jail. It implies that he wasn’t attentive. Then, things start to get genuinely scary.

Stevens Millancastro

Millancastro took it to a whole other level, instead of ceasing his inappropriate behavior,–he escalated his pestering of the woman once more rather than leaving her alone. Finally forcing the woman to file a formal sexual harassment complaint with human resources at their job.

On several occasions,  the woman said she began noticing a “milky white substance” in her water bottle, following the complaint. They agreed to set up a surveillance camera to monitor her desk, then reviewed the footage. However, what they witnessed would make anyone sick to their stomach. In the most disgusting event, Millancastro was using his sperm to retaliate against the woman who had filed the complaint against him.

Millancastro was caught red-handed.

With the evidence in hand, the police were called. The creep villain was promptly arrested.

According to the prosecution, Millancastro started masturbating and dropped his semen into a honey jar that his coworker had on her desk, on the occasion that his victim consumed the honey without realizing what was inside. It was reported that at least eight times, he repeated this. He also covered her keyboard and mouse with his sperm.

The crime of sexual battery and assault was brought against Millancastro. Millancastro’s attorney, Michael Morrison, agreed that his client engaged in “highly inappropriate behavior,” but argued that because he was worried he might lose a promotion or his job, he committed the crimes as acts of retaliation rather than for sexual gratification. During the trial, his victim testified that Millancastro had made her feel “very, very uncomfortable” and “disgusted.”

However, orange County Superior Court Judge Kathleen Roberts rejected Morrison’s argument, noting that Millancastro, 30, acted in an “extremely sexually aggressive” way and “deliberately infected” the victim’s belongings, leaving her “emotionally devastated.” The judge said it was part of a scheme to get the woman to ingest Millancastro’s semen after she rejected him and reported him to their bosses.

After being found guilty of many misdemeanor counts of assault and battery, any expectations of mercy were dashed. Judge Kathleen Roberts of Orange County Superior Court really sentenced Millancastro to the full amount of time authorized by statute, not a single day less.

Mallincastro’s punishment includes the need that he register as a sex offender. He contended that since he was unlikely to commit another crime, he shouldn’t be required to register. His attorney called his client’s behavior “very unacceptable behavior.”

“He did it again and again and again, and that is very concerning to the court,” Roberts said.

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