The Doctor Saw This Giant Lump On His Body, And Had No Idea What She Was In For…


The internet sensation that is Dr. Pimple Popper is back and means business as she tries to rid the world of strange cysts growing on our bodies.

Dr. Sandra Lee returns for another edition of TLC’s morbidly addictive show. Lee helps those with body ailments but never knows what is about to walk through her door. This time, Dr. Pimple Popper is tackling a cyst filled with ‘mud’. Warning, there are some pretty gross pictures and footage coming your way.

I’d recommend you don’t stick this on while you’re in the middle of your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. However, Lee yet again proves why she is the perfect pimple-popping partner. No cyst or spot is safe when Dr. Pimple Popper is around.  If you’re ready, let’s see what happened to this monster.

37-year-old Victor has the grossest issue, coming in with a huge cyst on his chest that he even named it “Larry.” Victor had been living with a growth on his chest for years.

At first, he thought it was just a pimple and didn’t think much of it. When he popped it on his own, it healed over, and he didn’t think he had to worry about it anymore. But he was wrong.

The pimple continued to grow until it looked like a giant bouncy ball inside of his chest that was impossible to hide anymore. It was a part of him for so long, but recently, he decided it was time to get Larry the Lump out of his life.

At first, Dr. Lee thought it was a benign tumor. That would be something that Victor didn’t have to worry about. She’d just head in there, remove it, and everything would be fine. I’m sure she was thinking on the inside, “What took you so long, Victor? This thing is huge!”

Instead, she’d be draining a large cyst.

Even Dr. Lee looked more than a little phased before she tried to tackle Larry. In classic DPP style, she wasted no time in slicing Larry open and taking a look at what was inside. Oozing with what can only be described as a muddy clay substance, Larry was finally giving up as Lee attempted to flush him out of Victor’s body.

With this, TV audiences and social media users have been freaking out about the black gunk that oozed out of Victor’s chest ever since. I don’t think it’s anything that anyone had ever seen before.

One Twitter user said, “I usually can watch Dr. Pimple Popper without a problem, but ‘Larry the Lump’ totally gagged me! When Dr. Lee squeezed the cyst, it looked like dog poop! Gross! I had to fast forward.” 

Dr. Lee stitched up Victor’s chest, and he seemed quite happy to see that Larry was finally gone.

Victor admitted he’d tackled Larry when the cyst appeared and thought he’d squeezed everything out the first time. Although Larry scabbed over, it turns out he was secretly growing under the surface.

As Larry passed away, Lee declared, “Larry is like the devil’s creamsicle!” before she sewed Victor up with a neat scar. The moral of the story is don’t ignore lumps that you have to give a name too!

Watch the massive lump removal here: TLC UK/Youtube

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