The Barking Dog Threatened To Turn The Interview Sideways, Then Things Got REALLY Weird… [VIDEO]


Things just got weird during a live shot on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Monday morning, as dogs were barking continuously followed by an unidentified man in his underwear walking through the background, in an interview with CEO and Chairman of Aureus Asset Management Karen Firestone as she joined Aaron Ross Sorkin to discuss the markets and how future economic growth might be impacted by a further COVID spike.

Firestone was sharing an update on bank earnings reports, however during the discussion; dogs could be heard barking in the background as Sorkin was asking a question, resulting in jokes from Sorkin about “dog days” earlier than fall.

“I see we now have canine as friends becoming a member of us, we recognize that. Dog days of summer season,” Sorkin joked.

“Dogs of the Dow,” host Joe Kernen added

Firestone apologized for her barking canine, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” Firestone replied.

“Don’t be sorry, you know we love this. It just adds to the sort of, you know this is a live show, that’s what we enjoy,” Sorkin stated.

However, it was while when another interruption took place, as Firestone and the network’s  Sorkin were addressing the canine outburst, an almost bare man, in his boxer shorts moved quickly through the back of her shot.

The contributor and Sorkin didn’t seem to notice the man cutting through the frame, which happens around the 1:40 mark, instead commenting on the pup.

The amusing scene spawned jokes on the Internet, corresponding to Barstool Sports quipping, “When that Taco Bell from the night before catches up to you.”

Nonetheless, the figures in the interview stayed skilled.

Sorkin requested concerning the prevailing knowledge versus the traditional knowledge with regard to the markets comes September, joking about her canine. “But the dogs think the dog days are going to get a little more exciting, but not in a good way, come September.”

“I think she’s excited,” Firestone stated in reference to her canine. “I think we have two things to consider that’s really important. One is COVID, what happens with COVID in the fall and if we have some type of surge of a new variant and we start seeing closures again, you know, that’s going to be the dramatic and prevailing force in the market. And then is inflation going to become less of a problem… But we cannot live with 9% inflation and have the markets rally through the fall months.”

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