A Liberal Teacher Just Learned A REALLY Hard Lesson After Calling For Justice Kavanaugh’s Assassination…

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By and large, liberals have this terribly misconception of what the First Amendment actually means. Find any random liberal and ask them any question on anything under the sun and you will see that almost immediately.

They tend to think that they can quite seriously, say anything that they want and not get in trouble for it. Under their twisted interpretation of the rules they think they can spout whatever gibberish that they feel that they want to spout without getting in any trouble.

Just so everyone is clear, this is freedom of speech in a nutshell. Say you walked into your job tomorrow and called your boss a jerk and spent the next five minutes shouting obscenities at them.

Now, you can’t be tried criminally for calling your boss a jerk but he can fire you on the spot. Liberals think that if they were in that same scenario that not only would they not immediately lose their job but the boss would be fired for infringing on their rights and that they would get HIS job.

Also, it’s outright scary how many people that are employed in the practice of allegedly educating our children that simply do not know either the difference or have the sense to realize that there are certain things you should not say…

A Minnesota teacher who called for the death of Brett Kavanaugh on Twitter has been suspended with pay after the threat was reported to the FBI, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

The unnamed teacher, who goes by the Twitter handle @lookitsSammm, got her fifteen minutes of viral infamy after the minatory tweet on Saturday, according to the Star Tribune.

“So whose (sic) going to take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?” @lookitsSammm wrote.

As expressing political rage goes, this wasn’t a particularly great idea, particularly when it happened just hours after Kavanaugh was confirmed by the Senate:

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The not-good-idea-iness factor of this whole thing was significantly heightened by the fact that the tweeter was a Rosemount, Minnesota, educator — and there are bigger issues with that than the fact a teacher doesn’t know the difference between “whose” and “who’s.”

“The teacher, listed as an instructor at the Intermediate School District 917’s Alliance Education Center, has since deleted her Twitter account but her tweet was captured and shared by scores of users who said they reported it to the FBI and U.S. Secret Service,” the Star Tribune reported.

As an aside here, I can understand deleting a tweet after it becomes clear you’ve said something cretinous (or possibly illegal). No, it’s not going to stop the whirlwind of problems you’ve invited upon yourself, but I suppose it at least shows some good sense. Deleting your account, however, just makes you look very guilty. For every soi-disant Twitter politics expert who could see themselves typing out something this addle-pated in the future, please keep this in mind when you eventually decide to say something profoundly asinine and/or felonious.

So, back to @lookitsSammm. Mark Zuzek, the superintendent of Intermediate School District 917, acknowledged they’d received a complaint regarding her social media musings and that she was “on paid leave pending the outcome of the investigation,” according to a statement on the center’s website.

“Pursuant with the data practices act, we are limited to providing additional information regarding this matter,” Zuzek added in the statement.

In an ideal universe, that “investigation” would consist of this:

Superintendent Zuzek: So, uh, did you tweet this garbage?@lookitsSammm: That depends on what the definition of “tweet” is.Superintendent Zuzek: Is there any possible way I can verbalize an ellipsis? No?@lookitsSammm: [heavy sigh] I have my First Amendment rights, Superintendent Zuzek. I, for one, believe all survivors, and you should, too. I was merely–Superintendent Zuzek: Good luck with your next job.

Of course, our unidentified educator has a bit more to worry about than her employment status. There’s also a law enforcement investigation to consider.

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6 thoughts on “A Liberal Teacher Just Learned A REALLY Hard Lesson After Calling For Justice Kavanaugh’s Assassination…

  1. and to think we let these card carrying socialist morons, into our school systems to indoctrinate our kids.

  2. Free speech should include an I.Q. level. We cannot inside riots, or killings as there is always a person just waiting for justification to act. This should have been firing of this person and the loss of her teaching (what a laugh) license and one year working at the boarder. We HAVE TO HAVE CONSEQUENCES ………………!

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