Students Ready To REVOLT After Falling For Biden’s Hateful Policies! [VIDEO]


I always tell my kids that they should never listen to one single politician. They should listen to every side and come to the conclusion that fits best for them.

Now, that means that they might have beliefs politically that are different from mine but as everyone knows, your tastes will change on things over time throughout the years.

However, it seems that more and more college-age adults are realizing that they are not going to let Democrats have all that much rope when it comes to the number of times that they will forgive them. In their minds, if you tell them that you are going to do something you had better do it.

Conservatives already knew when Biden talked of “unity” it was only a word he used in a speech. But students have been told for generations that the Democrats cared for them, Republicans hated them. It can take something happening in their personal lives before that switch is flipped. Students have been told all their lives by people they trusted that 2 + 2 = 5.

It’s done deliberately. If you aren’t taught the history of your country, you’ll believe what the leaders tell you.

Campus Reform interviewer Ophelie Jacobson went to the University of Florida to ask students about a remark President Biden said. At a CNN Townhall he remarked regarding Chinese genocide, “Culturally, there are different norms that each country and their leaders are expected to follow.” Campus Reform wanted to know if the students knew which President said it and what they thought of it.


OPHELIE JACOBSON: Hi, I’m Ophelia Jacobson with campus reform. Today we’re at the University of Florida talking with students about the Uyghurs genocide that is happening in China. Last week, President Biden referred to the genocide as a cultural norm. What do students think of this? Do they think that Biden needs to be tougher on China? Let’s find out.

JACOBSON: I’m sure you’ve heard about what’s going on in China with the mass genocide of the Uyghurs. I mean, since 2014, the Chinese government has been putting the Uyghurs in these detention camps. What is your reaction to that?

STUDENT 1: I think that it’s very important that we are all aware of what’s happening to make sure that we can take actions to stop those things from happening.
STUDENT 2: It’s obviously pretty horrible.

STUDENT 3: It’s like sad that like people are like, being like killed just for like being them. And like, I guess there should be like, more awareness, I think.

STUDENT 4: It’s kind of appalling that nothing’s really been done about it [inaudible] national scale.

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5 thoughts on “Students Ready To REVOLT After Falling For Biden’s Hateful Policies! [VIDEO]

  1. These indoctrinated kids are basically clue less.They have never been informed or have a discussion about the genocides in the world now or earlier

  2. Students are ready for a revolt? This whole country should be ready for a revolt, against the intentional destroying of America by lying corrupt Quid Pro King Joe and his court jesters. Maybe America should take on a National strike. No one go to work, the 18 wheelers stop deliveries, all workers stay home except for first responders. Everyone stay home. All industry gets shut down, until lying corrupt Quid Pro King Joe and the liberal commie Democrats resign and leave office. What’s Lying Quid Pro going to do, sign executive orders ordering the citizens back to work? Corrupt Quid Pro’s executive orders won’t be worth the paper it’s typed on . What’s corrupt Quid pro going to do, send out the military to arrest all of us, I don’t think so.

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