Stephen King Bans President Trump From His Movies… Gets Surprise Ban of His Own

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Kirsters Baish| Now, it shouldn’t be a shock when a Liberal celebrity makes negative comments about President Trump at this point, but author Stephen King took it a step too far, and Americans aren’t having his bullsh*t. Since day one, he has been totally against President Trump and everything he stands for, and he hasn’t been shy about his opinions either. This time, however, King decided to take to Twitter to publicly bash the president.

Fox News reported that King has continuously tweeted criticisms about President Trump along with harassing messages towards our commander in chief for the last couple of years. To our surprise, President Trump has ignored King’s ignorant comments, but this time was a little different. It seems that Trump has had enough of King’s attitude. Instead of posting his own tweet attacking King, Trump made the executive decision in June to block King from his Twitter account all together.

Now, a few months later, King made the call to claim a block of his own. He took to Twitter to announce that President Trump would not be allowed to see his movies… good grief.

King tweeted, “Donald Trump blocked me on Twitter. I am hereby blocking him from seeing IT or MR. MERCEDES. No clowns for you, Donald. Go float yourself.”

King’s “pun” was referring to the new film adaptation of his book, “It” and a new TV series named “Mr. Mercedes.” Both are based off his horror novels written by the Leftist author. 

The problem for King is simple. President Trump has too many loyal followers to allow him to get away with his ignorant attitude. And if King truly thinks he can stop someone from seeing a movie, he’s completely irrational and has no idea how the world works. The Twitter world wasn’t afraid to let King know just how they felt about his comments.

While there were tons more responses to King’s tweet, these ones truly show just how firmly Americans will plant themselves on their beliefs to stand up for President Donald Trump. I mean, was it really wrong of President Trump to block a man who writes sick stories about a clown that terrorizes little kids?

The author is a complete idiot, but he does have the right to request that the president doesn’t see his movie… and the rest of America has the right to tell King that they won’t be seeing his movie either. It leaves us wondering just how King thought this would go for him. Does he truly think that by complaining about the president and demanding that he doesn’t see his film that he will get his way? All he has done is turn countless Americans against him, and likely diminished his own ticket sales. Pretty ironic how things work out. I, for one, will be choosing to keep my money and will be spending it on something other than watching a story about a sick man dressed as a clown kill innocent children. Ironically enough, the story was written by another sick clown. King doesn’t seem to get just how things work in our country, so it’s time we show him by boycotting his sickening film.

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