Jim Jordan Is DEMANDING An Investigation Into Rattlin’ Nancy!


Not so many people are paying attention to what the old Nancy Pelosi is doing because Joe Biden and the Senate have all the attention these days.

Now, she really taught she’s off the hook that fasts, unfortunately for her, one Republican firebrand hasn’t let the speaker off the hook.

And before the 2022 elections, we all know how Pelosi is trying to rush a radical agenda through Congress.

Pelosi might think that it would divert the Republican’s attention from what she has done in the past by being busy, but with Jim Jordan, he has his sights on Pelosi when the House revs up their “January 6 committee.”

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan thinks the January 6 committee should investigate Pelosi @mkraju reports”

On that fateful day, Jordan wants what Nancy Pelosi was up to asking the committee to investigate.

After Pelosi rejected his invitation to serve on the select committee investigating the insurrection, Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio suggested on Wednesday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was responsible for the security presence at the US Capitol on January 6.

According to the CNN reports:

“The Speaker of the House does not oversee security of the US Capitol, nor does this official oversee the Capitol Police Board,” President and CEO of the US Capitol Historical Society, Jane L. Campbell, told CNN.

And from the testimony from the former Capitol Police chief, Pelosi was not involved in the decisions made ahead of January 6 regarding the National Guard. In his testimony before the Senate in February, former US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund said that he approached both Sergeants at Arms on the House and Senate side on January 4 to request the National Guard through an Emergency Declaration from the Capitol Police Board.

His request, according to Sund, was not approved. Instead, the Senate Sergeant at Arms Michael C. Stenger “suggested I ask (the National Guard) how quickly we could get support if needed and to ‘lean forward’ in case we had to request assistance on January 6,” according to Sund’s testimony.

Following the events of January 6, the US Capitol Police announced it was working “with Congressional oversight and the Capitol Police Board to obtain the authority to immediately request National Guard assistance if needed without having to wait for board approval.”

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