She Was Supposed To BE The Maid Of Honor, What The Bride Did At The Last Minute Is…


The term “bridezilla” gets thrown around a lot these days, and sometimes it’s not totally warranted. Planning a wedding can be seriously stressful, and for so-called “Corona brides,” who’ve had to reschedule their weddings a gazillion times in the past two years, their stress level is pretty much through the roof right now.

That said, a woman due to be maid of honor at her cousin’s wedding has shared the “embarrassing” text the bride sent, causing outrage online.

TikToker Lia said that her cousin had initially asked her to be the maid of honor for her wedding, but then demoted her to bridesmaid because she had “no control over her diet” and for being “too fat.” This was a slap in the face and an insult to the maid of honor because she thought the bride liked her just the way she was.

The viral video shows the TikToker Lia or @liainlouisiana, eating a sandwich from Chick-fil-A as the sound “It’s like a reward” plays. The text exchange is featured as a green screen in the background of Lia. The TikToker notes the messages come from her cousin Alejandra in the text overlay of the video.

The text exchange shows the bride, Alejandra, telling Lia that the bridesmaid group, “Isn’t a therapy session” after apparently having told her to go on a diet.

She asked her cousin if she was embarrassed by her cruel actions of fat-shaming her… and then demoting her solely for her body shape.

“Are you embarrassed?” Lia asked her.

“Of what … of telling you to go on a diet .. no … it’s my wedding,” Alejandra said in a series of three messages, according to the screenshot of the texts.

Lia replied that Alejandra “demoted me from maid of honor because I’m fat,” to which Alejandra said “yes.”

“You don’t have any control of yourself to go on a diet,” she said. “I like people with discipline … You are still a bridesmaid … I’m going to sleep goodnight.”

In a follow-up video regarding the wedding drama, Lia said she was uninvited from the wedding. In the video’s comments section, she wrote that her cousin had uninvited her due to the TikTok video she made about the situation.

“Yeah, I told her about it because it was kind of blowing up and she said I was uninvited, then tried to make it seem like it was my choice I wasn’t going,” she wrote.

In her original video, some viewers told the TikToker that there is no excuse for her cousin to treat her this way after noticing that she was seemingly excusing her cousin’s behavior in the comments section.

“I know she is family, and I know how hard it is to stick up to family, but you are worthy of more than this,” one commenter wrote.

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