She Told A Homeless Man To Get In Her Car, Then She Took Him Six Hundred Miles…


One man’s journey from the unforgiving streets to a heartwarming reunion is a testament to the power of kindness and the resilience of the human spirit.

In the bustling city of Little Rock, Arkansas, James, a man whose home was the unforgiving streets, represented the forgotten faces of America’s homeless population. Tossed aside by society, James bore the harsh reality of street life, a world away from the comfort and warmth of a family home he had lost touch with.

James’s existence, a decade-long testament to survival fueled by the kindness of strangers, had made him a recognizable figure in the Little Rock community. Among those who took notice were Jodi and Dawn Gieber, a married couple who saw past James’s hardened exterior, recognizing a human being in need of compassion and a second chance.

Jodi, a law enforcement officer patrolling the city’s streets, and Dawn, who crossed paths with James on her daily commute to the courthouse, had heard the misconceptions about James. Unfounded labels of ‘mean’ and ‘angry’ had unjustly painted James’s character.

“People misunderstood him,” Dawn expressed. “James wasn’t angry or mean. He was just trying to survive – cold, hungry, and relying on dumpster meals. We realized we couldn’t just stand by.”

Compelled by the harsh reality of James’s life, Dawn took a pause from her routine one day, deciding to converse with James. As she probed into his past, James candidly admitted his wrong turns in life that led him to the streets and his unfortunate estrangement from his remaining family.

Returning home that day, Dawn shared James’s story with Jodi. United in their resolve, they decided to lend a hand to James. Their mission was clear: reconnect James with his family. The couple dived into a digital investigation, scouring social media and online resources in search of any trace of James’s kin.

Despite the seemingly impossible task, the couple’s efforts bore fruit just before Thanksgiving. “We received a call from his niece. She had been searching for him, believing he was dead all this time,” Dawn recounted. The joyous news was relayed to James; his family was alive, and they had been looking for him.

In a heartfelt gesture, Dawn facilitated a phone call between James and his long-lost family. The wave of emotions that swept over James as he heard his family’s voices after years was palpable.

However, the couple’s benevolence didn’t stop there. To facilitate James’s reunion with his family, Dawn advocated for him in court, successfully resolving the outstanding warrants that had kept him tethered to Little Rock.

Ensuring that James had a fresh start, the couple bought him new clothes and embarked on a 600-mile journey to Illinois, paving the way for a heartwarming family reunion. Today, James is no longer a face on the streets; he’s living with his family in Wisconsin, a testament to the power of kindness and the resilience of the human spirit.

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  1. Who was the woman that got into the car in the title? I don’t seem to see a woman being offered a ride just a man. Doesn’t anyone proofread anymore?

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