He Kept Coughing For Five Years, Then They Pulled Something From His Throat That…


A young boy’s life is transformed after doctors discover the surprising cause of his years-long struggle with a relentless cough and breathing difficulties.

For over half of his young life, eight-year-old Marley Enjakovic has endured a relentless cough and breathing difficulties. Despite numerous diagnoses, including asthma and allergies, doctors from Adelaide, Australia, failed to identify the true cause of his distress. It was only recently that they discovered a small plastic toy, lodged in Marley’s throat since he was three, was responsible for his suffering.

The tiny plastic flower had remained undetected as Marley underwent countless treatments for asthma and allergies. In December, his coughing became so severe and his breathing so labored that his parents rushed him to the hospital. Admitted to the intensive care unit, surgeons finally discovered and removed the plastic flower from Marley’s throat.

From his bed at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital, Marley spoke to Sunrise reporters about the experience of having a toy stuck in his throat for five years. He didn’t have much to say, simply stating it felt like “nothing.” His mother, Skye, recounted how Marley’s coughing fits worsened, especially while eating, and became increasingly alarming.

The blockage in Marley’s throat had serious repercussions on his health, affecting his ability to participate in weekend basketball and soccer games with his peers.

Although doctors initially diagnosed him with asthma, Skye doubted the diagnosis since Marley’s coughing episodes were triggered by eating and drinking, which is atypical for asthma sufferers.

Upon learning that a toy was obstructing her son’s throat, Skye was shocked but also relieved that it wasn’t a more serious issue.

“I was absolutely shocked. But also really relieved, to be honest, because out of all these years, I finally had an answer,” she said. “My main concern at that point in time was that he was actually born with that condition. Because if he had been born with it, he would have had other issues. To know it was caused by a foreign body, it was a slight bit of relief for me. My message to other parents is that if you feel like there is something wrong, just keep pushing for it. I am so glad I did because it means I have him today.”

She expressed her gratitude for finally having an answer and urged other parents to trust their instincts and persist when they believe something is wrong. Skye’s determination ultimately ensured that her son would get the proper care and treatment he needed.

Source: AWM

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