She Refused To Let People Pet Her Service Dog, And People Lost Their Minds…


In a busy store, an irate mother found herself in a heated confrontation that would soon go viral. With millions of views and shares across social media, the story of a service dog handler and a fuming mom became the talk of the town.

One ordinary day, this mother, carrying her 2-year-old daughter, approached Megan, a service dog handler, and kindly asked if her little girl could pet the dog. Now, service dogs are trained professionals, and any distractions like petting could mess with their training. So, Megan and her co-worker respectfully declined the mother’s request.

You’d think that would be the end of it, right? Well, not quite. The mother stormed off, only to return in a fit of rage, screaming and shouting at Megan and her co-workers for not letting her daughter pet the dog. It was then that Megan decided to start recording the situation, which only made the woman angrier.

Soon enough, the video of the furious mother spread like wildfire across social media, racking up nearly 4 million views and countless reactions.

But the mother didn’t back down. Defending herself, she said:

“That was definitely very rude how she talked to me. Firstly you should have a sign [saying not to touch the dog], and secondly, she should not have said ‘no’, she could’ve said ‘sorry the dog is in training’, that would’ve been nicer.”

Megan, however, didn’t hesitate to point out that her dog’s vest displayed clear instructions: “Please do not pet me, I’m working,” along with “Do not touch” and “Do not pet” written on both sides of the vest. To top it off, she reminded everyone that it’s actually illegal to harass a service dog.

And so, the story of the angry mother and the service dog handler unfolded, leaving people all over the country talking about the incident. Was the mother justified in her outburst, or was she simply unaware of the etiquette when it comes to service dogs?

The moral of this tale? Sometimes it’s best to keep our emotions in check and respect the boundaries set by others – especially when it comes to working service dogs who have an important job to do.

As the dust settles and the video continues to circulate, one thing is for sure: this encounter between an irate mother and a service dog handler has left a lasting impression and sparked a conversation about the dos and don’ts around service animals.

WATCH the video below for more details:

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