President Trump Just Ripped RINO Liz Cheney A Brand New One…


On Monday, President Trump ripped RINO Liz Cheney, calling her a “despicable human being” a day after Cheney’s interview with ABC’s Jon Karl in which she suggested the January 6 Committee will recommend charges against Trump.

Here’s what President Trump posted to his Truth Social on July 4th:

“Warmongering and despicable human being Liz Cheney, who is hated by the great people of Wyoming (down 35!), keeps saying, over and over again, that HER Fake Unselect Committee may recommend CRIMINAL CHARGES against a President of the United States who got more votes than any sitting President in history. Even the Dems didn’t know what she was talking about! Why doesn’t she press charges instead against those that cheated on the Election, or those that didn’t properly protect the Capitol?…..” 

During the interview aired Sunday, toxic RINO January 6 Committee vice-chair Liz Cheney told ABC’s Jon Karl that the January 6 panel may make multiple criminal referrals to the Justice Department.

Here’s what Cheney said trying to fight back against accusations that the J6 Committee is acting more like prosecutors rather than a legislative body. She also used Cassidy Hutchinson’s false testimony to attack Trump.

“Ultimately the Justice Department will decide that,” 

“What kind of man knows that a mob is armed and sends the mob to attack the Capitol and further incites that mob when his own vice president is under threat, when the Congress is under threat?”

“I have greater concern about what it would mean if people weren’t held accountable for what’s happened here. I think it’s a much graver constitutional threat if a president can engage in these kinds of activities and the majority of the president’s party looks away or we as a country decide, you know, we’re not actually going to take our constitutional obligation seriously.”

Cheney responded in the affirmative after being asked if the January 6 Committee will possibly criminally refer Trump to the DOJ.

“Yes, the Justice Department doesn’t have to wait for the Committee to make the criminal referral – there could be more than one criminal referral.”

Watch the video below:

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, Axios

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