She Decided To Get A Blackout Neck Tattoo, And She Regretted It Instantly….


Embracing the bold artistry of tattoos, a young woman was overwhelmed by a transformative, neck-inking experience that altered not only her appearance but also her self-perception. An emotionally-charged confession video, shared on TikTok by the woman herself, highlighted her tear-filled regret over the inky modification, claiming it dramatically altered her face shape.

Tattoos have evolved into an expressive canvas for many Americans, allowing them to wear their individuality, beliefs, or creative passions on their sleeves, quite literally. For some, these permanent imprints may not carry significant symbolism, but most crave that indelible mark of a cherished memory, a personal mantra, or a poignant milestone. As these aesthetic imprints are a lifelong commitment, personal relevance is often an important factor.

On her account, @SpaceAtMidnight, the user presents her newly minted face tattoo. The inky oblivion stretches from her upper cheeks and lower chin, all the way to her neck. As she grapples with the transformation, her video strikes a chord with netizens, quickly catching the viral wind.

In her candid video confession, she admits, “I’m having a whole entire identity crisis,” emphasizing how the tattoo’s intrusion onto her facial features has distorted her face’s shape.

The emotional intensity of the video reveals her struggle with the change. Prior to the tattoo, she had playfully experimented with temporary blackouts on her jaw and neck. This trial led her to the doorstep of a tattoo parlor, committed to translating the temporary love affair into a permanent one.

“I feel like my face is smothering into my neck,” she laments, a poignant reflection on how the art has morphed her features. Coupled with her plea for good news to counterbalance her tattoo regret, the video reveals her vulnerability.

Some sympathetic viewers offered comforting words, attempting to soothe her concerns. Encouragements such as, “Breath in and let go,” and assumptions about swelling from the tattoo being a temporary effect filled the comments section.

However, amid the wave of empathy, there were those who expressed astonishment over the woman’s choice to permit such a drastic alteration to her facial features. One person wrote, “I feel you a thousand percent. You are not overreacting.”

In an ensuing video, the woman absolved the tattoo artist of any blame. Emphasizing that she had green-lighted the design following a stencil preview, she took full responsibility for the life-altering decision.

WATCH the video below:


Please tell me good news because I need it 😭 I just got it done yesterday so it’s still fresh and healing. #tattoo #necktattoo #blackouttattoo #blackout #alt #identycrisis

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