She Was Fired For Being Habitually Late, And She Sued Them And WON….


In a clear display of how the undercurrents of discrimination can breach the surface in even the most unlikely of places, a black personal trainer’s victory in a discrimination lawsuit serves as a stark reminder of the persistent bias pervading our society.

A former personal trainer at Equinox, a well-known fitness center, was vindicated after being unjustly terminated. Röbynn Europe, a black woman, found herself at the receiving end of discriminatory practices and a shocking 47 instances of alleged tardiness during her 10-month tenure at the company, culminating in her dismissal.

Back in 2020, Europe took her fight against discrimination to court after enduring a seemingly hostile work environment. She attributed her unjust termination to a “toxic atmosphere” cultivated by a white employee who spared no opportunity to make degrading remarks about black women. Europe’s steadfast belief was that she was singled out and targeted due to her racial background and gender.

Equinox, on the other hand, defended their decision to terminate Europe’s employment, pointing to her frequent tardiness as the primary cause. They claimed that Europe had failed to adhere to company time policies, clocking in late a staggering 47 times in less than a year.

Contrary to Equinox’s allegations, a judge saw through the company’s ploy to disregard Europe’s claims that she was a victim of retaliation after voicing concerns about racism and sexism in the workplace. Despite dismissing the retaliation claim, the judge saw fit to proceed with the case, delving deeper into the charges of racial and gender bias.

The case concluded in a resounding victory for Europe, with a jury awarding her $10 million in punitive damages, $1.25 million in compensatory damages, and $16,000 in back pay—an incontrovertible rejection of the fitness center’s justifications for her dismissal.

Following this landmark verdict, Europe’s attorney, Susan Crumiller, didn’t mince words while hailing the jury’s decision.

She said, “The jury sent a loud message to Equinox that there are serious consequences for corporations that permit racist and sexist behavior in the workplace… Let this be a warning to all businesses in New York that if you try to brush harassment and discrimination under the rug, you will not get away with it.”

CBS reports paint a grim picture of Europe’s experience at Equinox. After landing a job with the high-end gym in 2018, she was quickly promoted, only to be faced with a barrage of vulgar comments about black women’s bodies from a white employee who found it unacceptable to report to a black woman superior.

While Equinox defended their decision to terminate Europe citing her consistent tardiness, the lawsuit brought forth the truth. Europe’s case wasn’t about tardiness; it was about a work environment marred by racism and sexism, where she was discriminated against due to her race and gender. And with this verdict, the jury has unequivocally sided with Europe, sending a strong message against discriminatory practices in the workplace.

As a society, we must collectively challenge the presence of deep-rooted biases in our workplaces and beyond. It’s time to rise against the recurring instances of discrimination that continue to infiltrate even our professional spaces, as exemplified by Röbynn Europe’s brave fight for justice. Such instances should not only be an eye-opener for corporations but also a stern warning that discriminatory practices will not be tolerated.

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