She Covers Her Dining Room Table In Foil Every Night, And The Reason Is Totally Beyond All….


The chore that everyone tries to avoid is washing up, but with household bills soaring we are more reluctant to turn on the dishwasher.

A mother in the UK has come up with a controversial way to avoid having to do the dishes – by feeding her family aluminum foil with their hands. Photos depicting her MacGyver-style life hack are currently blowing minds online as viewers wonder if her shortcut really pays off.

“They really enjoyed it. It was something fun,” Rebecca Cubberly, 28, told Kennedy News. She concocted the shortcut to save time and money while cleaning up after meals for her husband Karl, 30, and two children Jack, six, and Evie, four.

“I normally spend about half an hour cleaning up after a meal like this and that’s a long time to spend cooking and cleaning up after a long day,” the mother-of-two lamented. She also wanted a way to provide her children with a sumptuous meal during their school holidays without breaking the bank.

To perform the hack, Cubberly laid strips of aluminum foil on the dining table as a discount tablecloth. The mom then adorned it with vegetables, nachos, cheese, wraps, and ground meat, which she cooked in an air fryer to further tone down the number of dishes.

As a final cutlery-saving measure, she instructed the family to eat the energy-efficient smorgasbord using only their hands.

Due to the spartan-style dinner, the inventive parent was left with only “a knife and a cutting board to clean.”

“Normally you have five bowls and a washing pan and we didn’t even use cutlery.” Cubberly gushed. “They ate every last morsel, there was nothing left, so I just had to pick up the foil.”

She added: “I didn’t use the dishwasher and only a little water for the cutting board.”

As a result of her meal hack, Cubberly had an extra half hour to spend with her kids.

“I have this extra time that I normally spend doing the dishes that I can spend with the kids and it’s kind of an effortless treat,” she said, adding that “her kids loved the paper aluminum”.

Cubberly’s children loved the aluminum foil so much, she FaceTimed with grandma to show off her skills.

“We’ll 100 percent be doing it again, we’ll be trying it with lots of different things like pizza and plowman’s or when we have a picky tea or when I’m just not in the mood to wash up.”

After sharing a snap of her unique dinner table set up on social media, Cubberly says she received a few comments from people who saw the pros and cons.

And despite some pointing out that she’s creating waste, the mom said she recycles the tin foil and the preparation is also fairly minimal.

And you, what do you think of this idea?

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