A Boy Was Being CRUSHED By A Snake, Then His Dog Decided To Join The Fight…


Three courageous young boys fight to save their beloved pet dog from the deadly grip of a boa constrictor in a heart-wrenching viral video.

A family pet found itself in the grip of a boa constrictor, and three young boys were determined to save the dog from becoming the snake’s next meal. The horrifying scene, captured on video and circulated on social media, reveals the lengths these brave children went to in order to protect their beloved canine.

The footage thought to have been filmed in Cambodia, spans a tense 22 seconds, showcasing the trio’s valiant efforts against the massive snake. According to the video’s description on the IBTimes UK YouTube channel, the boys courageously battled the three-meter-long boa constrictor with metal rods and leaves in a desperate attempt to rescue the dog caught in the snake’s relentless grasp.

The video begins with the dog already in peril, its lower body constricted by the snake’s coils. The animal struggles to walk away, but the snake’s grip is unyielding. With every passing moment, the dog’s chances of survival seem to dwindle, as it whimpers helplessly, unable to free itself.

Recognizing the imminent danger, the three boys refuse to stand idly by. They spring into action, using whatever makeshift weapons they can find to defend their dog, as documented by Wide Open Pets. As the snake endeavors to tighten its coils and crush the dog, the boys continue their relentless assault, one wielding a metal rod while the others strike the serpent with leaves.

boa constrictor

Miraculously, the children’s relentless efforts prove successful. They manage to divert the snake’s attention, allowing one of them to seize its head. Together, the young heroes work to unravel the snake’s powerful body, gradually loosening its grip on the dog. Despite the snake’s aggressive resistance, the boys maintain control, eventually freeing the canine from its deadly embrace.

Though the video ends without revealing the extent of the dog’s injuries, the fact that it was able to run away from the snake offers hope that it survived the traumatic encounter. Commenters on social media praised the children for their bravery and coordination, expressing admiration for their determination to save their beloved pet.

boa constrictor

However, some viewers have questioned the authenticity of the video, suggesting it may have been staged for views. One critic noted the dog’s apparent familiarity with the situation, while another called for the reporting of such videos, claiming that animals are deliberately placed in danger for the sake of online attention.

“You can tell the dog has been in that situation before by how it just sat there,” one such viewer remarked, adding, “evil ass little kids.”

Another YouTube user, also believing the video is staged, suggests reporting such videos. “These people put the animals in this situation to get views,” the commenter wrote. “A hell lot of such videos have been made.”

Regardless of the video’s origin, its widespread circulation on social media speaks to the bond between humans and their canine companions. The phrase “man’s best friend” underscores the special relationship many people have with their dogs, and the lengths they would go to protect them, as demonstrated by the three young heroes in this gripping tale.

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