Sarah Palin Just Took Liberal House Organ Jimmy Kimmel And Ripped Him Apart….


Sarah Palin slammed late-night host Jimmy Kimmel after the latter called her “Typhoid Mary having linguini.” This made the former Alaskan governor caused Kimmel to lash out in an attempt to belittle her.

On Thursday night, Mr. Kimmel said during his night show that “Sarah Palin, who is famously unvaccinated, tested positive again on Monday.” This is after Palin was spotted dining the night before at an outdoor table at Elio’s in New York. She had reportedly dined indoors at the same restaurant days earlier before receiving the COVD-19 result.

He added “But now, after testing positive, she went back to the same restaurant with COVID and a guy who’s coughing,” Kimmel said. “There’s Typhoid Mary having some linguine or something.”

“You know [in] New York, you’re supposed to isolate for five days after a positive test, but darn it that’s not how Alaska’s top hockey mom does it,” Kimmel added. “She plays by her own rules.”

In response to Kimmel, Palin made a statement where she said:

“I encourage fellow commonsense freedom-loving Americans to not cave to an unhinged mob of branch covidians,” she said. “I’m sorry that Jimmy ‘Karen’ Kimmel was triggered by my dining outside in [ghastly] weather in New York City. Next time I’ll remember to wear a giant scarlet letter on my chest, so as not to traumatize him.”

She also said in a statement to People Magazine:

“As confident as I’d like to be about my own health, and despite my joking that I’m blessed to constantly breathe in the most sterile (frozen!) air, my case is perhaps one of those that proves anyone can catch this.”

“I would strongly encourage everyone to use common sense to avoid spreading this and every other virus out there. There are more viruses than there are stars in the sky, meaning we’ll never avoid every source of illness or danger … But please be vigilant, don’t be frightened, and I advise reprioritizing some personal time and resources to ensure as healthy a lifestyle as you can create so when viruses do hit, you have at least some armor to fight it.”

New York City has ordered people who have tested positive for COVID-19 isolate for “at least five days from when your symptoms began,” or from the date of the test if you have no symptoms.

The city’s vaccination rules for restaurants apply only to indoor dining, not to outdoor portions of restaurants. Since Palin, who is unvaccinated, was dining outdoors, neither she nor the restaurant was in violation of the city’s “Key to NYC” regulations.

The temperature in New York on the evening Palin dined out was reportedly 22 degrees.

Sarah Palin was in New York for her defamation lawsuit against the New York Times. The trial was postponed until February 3, following Palin’s COVID-19 test results.

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