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Rush Limbaugh drops a bombshell that isn’t much of a bombshell to most of us conservative types…Obama is a Muslim traitor!

This wouldn’t be such a “bombshell” if he had been properly vetted in the first place. A lot of us knew this 8 years ago but were called racist if we mentioned anything .

Obviously he thought he could out smart us into believing otherwise. He was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is thought to be the lawless one as stated in the Bible. We had to endure him for 8 long years but I for one, never destroyed other people’s property. True colors show through. He is a deceiver. Traitor. Wake up people.

From Trump Gone Viral:

Obama’s long and close friendship with anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan was swept under the rug… until now. Farrakhan appears to have played a significant role in shaping Obama’s mindset and his membership in Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church.

Even though Louis Farrakhan has a long history of being a racist and an anti-Semite, Obama still invited the Muslim leader to a 1995 march on Washington. Obama, along with Reverend Wright and Al Sharpton, helped organize the march, The Daily Wire reports.

Farrakhan has stated that the Nation of Islam financially backed Obama while he ran for office before his presidency. Farrakhan and Obama have deep ties since they’re both from Chicago and Obama needed his support to get very far in that political arena.

Obama’s man he wants to run in 2020 is Keith Ellison, a former Nation of Islam member. A man who has publicly defended Farrakhan and used the name ” Keith Hakim”.

Share this story so others can see how deep the Muslim ties run with Barrack Hussein Obama.


  1. They can try and call it fake news all they want but the majority of us thinking population know. This traitor has created so much anarchism we will be lucky to ever fully recoup from his mess he created. He should be made to give up all monies made during those unforgettable 8 years and any benefits dropped. We should all stand firm behind PRESIDENT TRUMP as we know just how deep this traitor goes with his accomplices. There are people out there with more than just his protection in mind and I am sure if we are allowed to research this one and others out there in high offices it will be authored by the devil himself.

    1. AMEN to that. I knew he was a muslim the first time I saw them in that “church” service and heard what their “preacher” was saying. He has done more harm to the USA than has ever been done collectively. He is the worst TRAITOR in our History, and he isn’t through yet. He is in DC right now building up his Islamic army. Our government is full of them right now. People it is time we started to think about America and ourselves. We have already given half of our country over to the Illegals coming in though Mexico and the Islamist and Muslims coming in through the Obommmmma door. I feel quite sure that we will still be discovering things he has done to harm our country, years from now.

  2. Many of were fooled by Obama… This is how the devil operates.. His secrets to further destroy America. The hatred and racial divide … His false promises to the American People….Needs to be investigated for the last 8 years of his Presidency.send him to the Middle East, where he belongs…. Obama does not belong in America…

  3. He never fooled me into thinking he was anything but a fake! I was called racist because I spoke against his fake birth certificate and phony background. Now we have a legit man in the White House and the left is going crazy! I’m 75 yrs , so you can save your disgusting rhetoric about how good he is and what a wonderful President he was. Obama was the most evil I’ve seen.

    1. Total agreement with you. I’m 72 and I never saw a presidency like Obama’s thug regime. Not a bit of decency, morality, integrity or honor. He and his gang seemed to enjoy not being all those things. I thought he was a phony from the beginning and the more the MSM cried fowl, the more I believed it to be so. We have a legitimate president now and I hope America can see the light about what this Marxist and his bankrollers Soros and pals are trying to do to America.

  4. Ishmael will always try to destroy Isaac. It was always that simple. He is Ishmael bloodline and USA is full of adopted jews (Christians) and original Isaac bloodline jews also. He had no choice but to become possessed if not already. What I don’t understand is how the USA rolled over and played dead to everything he was doing.

  5. The thing that bothers me most is all the info we now know is being but out. WHY wasn’t this made public before he was elected? Who knew all this info. Why wasn’t it made public before he was elected. There is the the problem. Too late to shout FIRE after the barn is gone.

  6. So true , people . We know he is a Muslim ! We know he stole from the country our fathers and grandfathers built . We the people have got to stand together for our children and grandchildren . There are armies in many states now of Muslms ready to come into our towns and kill us ! I read earlier they are called Muslim in America army’s !!!!! If these people are not take care of now ,they will keep coming . There are people in our government that are helping these people and just waiting for the right time . They want to kill Trump ! We have a president who can bring our country back to greatness and we the has got to stand with him . He and Pence with cabinet can and will do it .If democrats and Muslim backers don’t build such strain on our country !

  7. Oh I think I’ve found a new site to look at. Muslim in America army’s, with a whole 5 exclamation points. You know I went to church every time the doors were open growing up. I did my part to bring many people on the path of salvation. I planted a lot of seeds for the faith, but I don’t recognize any of you as Christians or people of God.

    Jesus said in Matthew 25 that we should help those in need, even those not of our faith. That we should not only do all that we can for those less fortunate than ourselves, but that it was our duty to do so. That how we treat others, is how we treat God, because everyone is God’s children, regardless of anything. All I see in every single thread about Obama, Clinton, Sanders is the same: Hatred, fear, disgust, and bigotry. You would treat God like this? The last couple weeks I’ve seen love in both the Jewish and Muslim communities in the United States. Jewish cemeteries being desecrated, centers being threaten by attack, and who are the first to offer help? To do as Jesus commanded us? Not Christians, who’s sole purpose on this planet is to be Christ-like in nature, but Muslims.

    Maybe you should be more Christian, before you start condemning any others.

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