Media Blackout: What Mob of Somali Muslims did to White Neighbors in Minnesota is Beyond Horrific…

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Mob of Somali Muslims threaten locals in Minnesota on June 28th and you probably never even heard about it.

The men  were yelling at homeowners in the neighborhood threatening to “kidnap and rape” the women. Resident’s say that this isn’t the first time the Somali men have done this.

From Conservative Post:

Before leftists refute that these were, in fact, Muslim men, the police report states that the men were yelling “jihad” and even told the female resident that the could kidnap, rape, and marry the already married woman because it was legal under “Shawra (Sharia) Law.” As expected, even the station that picked up the story somehow “missed” these references.

This is exactly why American’s think that there isn’t an issue here with radial Islam, the media refuses to report the facts! Stories like this one get muted and swept under the rug.

The Muslim men were driving through their lawns and firing off bottle rockets as they made threats based off of Sharia Law. No hate-crime charges were sought by law enforcement.

Just one more example of why Islam should be banned from this country. Yeah, we know, libs will claim this is a fake story. Don’t believe anything a lib says… It’s just the beginning, the more we let in the worse its going to be.  You can thank Obama and Hillary, as well as the democratic party for that.

3 thoughts on “Media Blackout: What Mob of Somali Muslims did to White Neighbors in Minnesota is Beyond Horrific…

  1. I appreciate the stories you bring to light but the ads or whatever that go along with the stories are ridiculous… they discredit the weight of the situation you’re trying to bring to light

  2. Not really a media blackout since the ABC news affiliate in Minneapolis picked it up, and the story was on their nightly newscast at 6:06 pm, as one of their major nightly stories, which is how most people found out about it.

    I do find her story credible. The media didn’t do a good job of concealing her identity, regardless of being in shadow and altering her voice.

    How come no one in the neighborhood filmed the muslims at 9 am in the morning, or the previous encounters, but only the aftermath, when the cops showed up? The men had been harassing the neighborhood several days, what’s happened since then?

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