Right On Cue: They Are Stopping The Recording Of COVID Data…


Meanwhile, in Scotland, a controversial change of COVID policy in terms of the Covid statistical report. But why?

They just realized that the data reports are bad, they wanted to halt all public information and tell people to trust the science…Well, that isn’t really working well…

Let’s face it, people nowadays are leery about the Government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the situation is just as bad as Biden’s mental health.

Now, Public Health Scotland will stop publishing data on covid deaths and hospitalizations by vaccination status – over concerns it is misrepresented by anti-vax campaigners and instead, officials will focus on publishing more robust and complex vaccine effectiveness data.

Officials claim in a statement, “The main important point around all of the analysis is we understand whether the vaccines are working against catching it and against getting severe Covid, and that’s where the vaccine effectiveness studies come in which are a completely different methodology and the case rates, hospitalization rates, the death rates are very simple statistics, whereas, for the vaccine effectiveness studies we use modeling, we compare people who have tested negative to those who have tested positive and match them on their underlining co-morbidities and it is a completely different method which is much more robust and that’s what we want people to focus on.”

Or more of an excuse to make people believe that these vaccines are still working.

Glassgow Times added:

The public health watchdog announced the change in policy in its most recent covid statistical report, saying the frequency and content of the data would be reviewed.

Instead, officials will focus on publishing more robust and complex vaccine effectiveness data.

PHS officials said significant concerns about the data being misused deliberately by anti-vaccination campaigners is behind the move.

The Scotsman further explained more information from officials:

Officials said that two central issues relating to the unvaccinated population and testing habits meant the data was no longer reliable or robust and open for misinterpretation without adequate context.

This is due to the fact that the population data used for the unvaccinated population is based on GP registration details, meaning it includes thousands of individuals who are registered but may no longer live in Scotland or simply failed to deregister.

In hard times like this, transparency and honesty is the most important thing so we can exceed and survive…but the left thinks it’s not.

Sources: We Love Trump, Glassgow Times, The Scotsman

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