RACIST Mayor Of Chicago Refusing Interviews From WHITE REPORTERS!


Another controversy arises as a Chicago Mayor confirmed that she would start holding 1-on-1 interviews with only black or brown reporters.

Clearly another definition of racism coming from a Mayor herself.

A fox news report confirmed that a Local NBC 5 Chicago political reporter Mary Ann Ahern posted a tweet on Tuesday saying,

“As Mayor Lori Lightfoot reaches her two-year midway point as mayor of Chicago, her spokeswoman says the mayor is granting 1 on 1 interview – only to Black or Brown journalists.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot actually tweeted about this too on her Official Twitter account.

The Chicago the Mayor is more focused on discriminating against white reporters amidst of homicide cases soar in Chicago. Leadership.

Sources: Gate Way Pundit, Fox News

1 thought on “RACIST Mayor Of Chicago Refusing Interviews From WHITE REPORTERS!

  1. Wouldn’t it be something if a white reporter put on a black face to see if they could then get an interview with Lightweight?

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