Putin Just Lobbed A Huge Threat At Every Freedom Loving Nation…


Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Western countries about providing additional weapons to Ukraine, claiming it would only prolong the military conflict. Adding that Russia would strike new targets if they continue to supply longer-range missiles to Ukraine.

Here’s what Putin in a televised interview:

“We will strike at those targets which we have not yet hit.”

In extracts of an interview to be broadcast late Sunday on Rossiya-1 television, Putin did not specify exactly which targets could be hit nor the exact range of the missiles to which Moscow would react.

Putin argued that the “fuss” over Western weapons supply to Ukraine was an effort to prolong the situation in Ukraine.

His comments came just days after the United States announced it would supply Ukraine with Himars multiple launch rocket systems.

Ukraine has been looking for MLRS like the M270 and M142 HIMARS in order to hit Russian troops and weapons caches in the back

Himars is a mobile unit that can simultaneously launch multiple precision-guided missiles up to 80 kilometers (50 miles) away.

Military experts say that the range of the Himars systems is slightly longer than that of similar Russian systems, meaning Kyiv’s forces could strike enemy artillery while keeping out of Moscow’s reach.

Joe Biden had nevertheless ruled out supplying Ukraine with systems that could reach as far as Russia, despite Kyiv’s repeated demands for such weapons.

Wayne Dupree added:

Rumored to be an aggravating factor, the United States’ decision to supply Ukraine with modern missile systems has been dismissed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In order to compensate for the loss of this military equipment, we have received advanced rocket systems from the United States and other countries,” Putin added.

“This isn’t a new thing. It doesn’t fundamentally alter anything.”

Putin boasted that Russian anti-aircraft forces had shot down dozens of Ukrainian weaponry and are “cracking them like nuts” in a segment from the same interview that aired on Saturday.

Source: WayneDupree

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