Police Have Been CAUGHT STEALING From The Freedom Truckers!


On Sunday, over 100 tickets has been issued related to demonstration enforcement that also arrested several people in Ottawa, this is according to Ottawa police.

The Ottawa Baseball Stadium has become the venue of the protesters and according to local media outlets, 3,200 liters (845 gallons) of fuel are removed to store supply truckers.

By choking off the fuel supply of the “Freedom Convoy” demonstrators demanding an end to all federal and provincial COVID-related mandates, authorities in Ottawa are hoping to break up the protests that have created a massive disturbance for many local residents and businesses.

The said freedom protest has started more than a week ago in Vancouver and has reached its destination in Ottawa last Friday night.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson declared a state of emergency and mandated Ottawa police officers to remove all the fuel and propane tanks from the Freedom Convoy trucks.

No arrests were made during the fuel seizure.

A CBC reporter posted a video of Ottawa police seizing all fuel and propane tanks from the trucks parked at the logistics camp.

Ottawa police left with fuel but they did not dismantle the camp.

Witnesses said before the police raid, they saw a drone fly overhead surveilling them.

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, Washington Post, Ottawa Citizen, News Week, BBC

1 thought on “Police Have Been CAUGHT STEALING From The Freedom Truckers!

  1. C’mon man! The Gestapo was a useful tool for the Socialists in the past century. I’m sure in the truckers trial they found them guilty before taking their goods.

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