Fullerton, California / USA – July 18, 2020: A USPS (United States Parcel Service) mail truck leaves for a delivery.

The USPS Has Stopped Delivering To A Major City..


Most of the time we hear horrible news from some Democrat-infested cities, and Los Angeles is one of them.

The USPS has stopped service in a Santa Monica neighborhood over attacks on mail carriers, according to the agency.

The assaults began in late January when a man wielding a broom allegedly attacked a postal worker who was going about their route, just doing their job.

Here’s a letter from USPS said to residents in Santa Monica:

“Multiple carriers have been subjected to assaults and threats of assault from an individual who has not been located or apprehended. The safety of our employees and of the mail they deliver to you is our highest concern. Until we can ensure the safety of both, delivery services will remain suspended.” 

According to local news, the same attacker is allegedly behind two more assaults reported in February and March. The attacker has threatened mail carriers with assault in the past.

But now that these threats have escalated, the USPS responded by cutting off mail delivery on the whole block.

More from Fox 11 Los Angeles report:

The United States Postal Service is stopping mail service temporarily in one Santa Monica neighborhood after multiple mail carriers were assaulted, according to officials.

In the letter from USPS sent to neighbors in the 1300 block of 14th Street, officials said “the Postal Service does not enter into decisions to suspend service lightly.”

Sources: Thegatewaypundit, FoxLA

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