Something that we have really really had to think about too much in our nation is that what if the Supreme Court ever got something really wrong that affected everyone?

I mean, sure there have been opinions and rulings handed down that people have disagreed with, but what if they just plainly got something so wrong that it affected everyone.

That’s why if you examine what is going on right now, someone really needs to step in and get them to do all of this again because they clearly screwed things up.

A group of Republicans have sent an appeal to the Supreme Court to review the case they have already turned down.

But, it was pointed out that their lawyer did not file a formal petition to ask the court to review the lawsuit. This time they are asking that the case be judged on it’s merits.

In the case before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, the judges ruled that they had filed their objection too late.

That is absurd. They could have filed the case before the election but it would have been thrown out for asking redress for possible damages but that would have been thrown out since no damage had been done yet.

They filed after the election when actual damage had occurred. The case concerns a law passed called ACT 77. Act 77 opened up voting by mail that is restricted in their state constitution. By denying that claim the court actually wrote law. The law they wrote is unconstitutional. You have to amend the state constitution in order to make it legal.

The appeal argues that SCOTUS must rule on the constitutionality of the ACT 77 and the PSC’s ruling that the lawsuit was too late. That is a different matter. But, the problem will be if the court accepts the case but not with an immediate injunctive relief might cause their decision to be delayed until after the inauguration.

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