One Major Liberal Mayor Is On Her Way Out!


The city of Chicago has always been a place that people say you have to visit.

From what I have read, it is clean, beautiful, and has that friendly Midwest feel that other cities, such as New York, lack.

However, the downside of Chicago is that it is overrun with crime which typically occurs when a liberal is in charge like Lori Lightfoot.

Lightfoot has been the city’s mayor for three years, but it has not gone precisely smoothly for her.

During her three-plus years in office, Lightfoot has faced spikes in crime, hasn’t run as transparent an administration as promised, and engaged in constant fights with unions representing.  Chicago teachers and police struggle to forge good relationships with politicians or leaders in the city’s business community.

With her re-election campaign on the horizon, she may be in some hot water, and she could very well be facing an ousting.

Chicago Tribune reported that as Mayor Lori Lightfoot gears up for her expected reelection campaign after three tumultuous years, she is on the defensive.
Lightfoot, the rookie politician, won in 2019 partly because of her credentials as an outsider, but Lightfoot, the incumbent, does not have that advantage. And in just the past eight days — still more than ten months before the municipal Election Day — two candidates have announced plans to run for mayor, with expectations several more will join the field.

“I have never met anybody who has managed to piss off every single person they come in contact with — police, fire, teachers, aldermen, businesses, manufacturing,” Ald. Susan Sadlowski Garza, 10th, a onetime close Lightfoot ally, said recently explaining why she wouldn’t endorse the mayor for reelection. “I said it. That’s it. I don’t care.”

The situation is rare for an incumbent mayor. Richard M. Daley — the longest-serving mayor in city history — had his problems but rarely had tough competition come election time. His successor, Rahm Emanuel, faced steeper challenges than Daley but overcame them with massive fundraising.
“She has the position; she doesn’t have the power,” said veteran Chicago political strategist Delmarie Cobb, who isn’t currently advising any mayoral campaigns. “You may be the mayor, but you don’t have the power that a Daley had or a Rahm Emanuel had, and that’s because they came in with that kind of power. They didn’t have to gain it, and they had it when they walked in. She needed to achieve it and create the illusion of certainty or invulnerability.”

Things are very dicey for Lori. Her citizens aren’t very fond of her. She polls poorly, and right now, whites and Hispanics have pretty much thrown in the towel on her.

So, if she wants to win re-election, she’ll need to reconnect with those two groups, and if Lightfoot can’t, she’s a goner.

That might be hard for Lori to do, especially in this volatile political climate, the winds of change are blowing very hard.


1 thought on “One Major Liberal Mayor Is On Her Way Out!

  1. Mayor Lightfoot is on her way out, and will be replaced by someone just as incompetent. Don’t think so/ Look at NYC, DeBlasio is gone and replaced by an unqualified police captain. The problem with these big liberal cities, if one wants change, then the voters need voting for race instead of the best qualified for the position. If one is going to vote for race, then make sure that person is Qualified to run Chicago, not a Buffoon like Lightfoot. Running NYC or Chicago, is like running a large Corporation. What is needed is an EX-CEO’s of large Corporations to get these cities back on track.

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