NBA Game EXPLODED In Brawl After Top Star Tries To Kick Player In The Head… [VIDEO]


During a recent game between the Golden State Warriors and the New Orleans Pelicans, Warriors forward Draymond Green kicked at Pelicans small forward Herb Jones.

This altercation led to a brief scuffle between the two players. This isn’t the first time Green has been involved in a kicking incident on the court. Despite this, Green continues to be a fan favorite, as he has won four NBA championships with the Warriors.

Here is that particular incident:

In the same game, Green was also involved in a separate incident, in which he and Pelicans player Brandon Ingram both received technical fouls. Later in the game, Green was on the receiving end of a rather amusing moment when he missed a pass and fell on the court.

Despite his talent and success on the court, Green’s tendency to engage in rough play and altercations has come under scrutiny. While many fans enjoy his bravado and championship-winning ways, some feel that his aggressive behavior goes too far. The recent incident with Jones is just one example of this. Kicking a fellow player in the head is not only dangerous but also unacceptable behavior on the court.

Green’s antics on and off the court have made him a polarizing figure in the NBA. Some fans love him for his intensity and ability to back up his talk with action, while others believe he goes too far and is a poor role model for young fans. Regardless of one’s opinion on Green, it is clear that his behavior will continue to be a topic of discussion among NBA fans and analysts.

Source: DailyCaller

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